The Dead Milkmen on a military base?

It’s entirely possible. I won’t get my hopes up just yet, but I’m happy they even entertained the offer.

Potentially, The Dead Milkmen may even agree to play, but by the time we win our right to play at Camp Pendleton and set a hard date, they might be booked. Honestly, the RBB2 situation is in need of a reboot. I’m just now getting back to activism after a month or two lull. We appreciate the support from DM’s Rodney Anonymous (@RodneyAnon), no matter what happens.

Dead MilkmenMethodist Coloring Book (1990)

Dead MilkmenI Dream of Jesus (1993)

When I try to categorize The Dead Milkmen beyond just the ‘punk’ label (which it certainly is), I immediately think to other artists that often have nothing to do with that genre. Frank Zappa, King Missile, Atom and his Package, The Dictators, The Fugs, Spike Jones, Butthole Surfers, Dan Deacon, MC Honky, The Frogs… they appear to be musical neighbors.

Noticeably, this bunch are not easily pinned down as novelty or parody music (Weird Al, etc.)

Spike JonesCocktails for Two (1944)

The FugsNew Amphetamine Shriek (1966)

Is it just me? I don’t know… I’m just an amateur musical historian here.

Little known fact:

Fellow blogger, Comrade Physioproffe posed for the cover artwork for 1993’s ‘Not Richard, But Dick’ – The Dead Milkmen’s seventh album.

Physioproffe circa 1993
Physioproffe circa 2012
(everybody knows why you wear hats)
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  • Francisco Bacopa

    Man, I saw them back in 1987. They were good and they hadn’t even written some of their best material yet. Have they been together and touring lately? If so, they might still be really good.

    • Yes, they’re back together after a long hiatus in the 90’s and into the 2000’s. Dave committed suicide during this period, tragically. Butterfly Joe and Burn Witch Burn (side projects that often overlapped) performed during that time too, not sure if they still play their side project bands though. They did an album either this year or last year of entirely new stuff, and it sounds a lot like Metaphysical Graffiti / Not Richard But Dick (e.g. right where they left off).

  • F [disappearing]

    That’s pretty cool. Hope it works out for everyone.

    Spike Jones is very much parody. You’ve heard of King Missile? LOL. Jesus was way cool.