OK Atheists: I reserve the right to circumcise the unsynagogued

That’s right, the Oklahoma Atheists podcast hosts, Damion Reinhardt and Chas Stewart, reserve the right to circumcise the unsynagogued. Watch out all you heathen anteaters.

human shaking hands with an anteater. Caption: "Pleased to meet you I'm an Anteater."anteater with arms out-stretched, as if to challenge someone. "Fuck You I'm an anteater!"

Actually, the host’s statement wasn’t a non-sequiter at all. It an absurdist reduction of a military chaplain’s proclamation, “I reserve the right to evangelize the un-churched.” That chaplain refused my request for him to stop bothering me and leaving pamphlets on my desk. He left me twice as many pamphlets after that.

I told the story on the most recent episode of the OK Atheists podcast. It’s at the 18:00 mark if you want to jump ahead. We had a pretty good chat, and they’re pretty funny. They said I have ‘an obvious problem with authority’, and asked me why somebody like me would join. I told the truth.

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Check it out, they found the most ridiculous picture of me ever, presumably on facebook or google. It’s an old photo from before I was ever an activist (still have ‘Specialist’ rank), and I’m making an extremely stupid face. Not only am I not allowed to appear in uniform to speak about ‘spiritual fitness’, I’m not even allowed to stand next to a uniform. Seriously, they had to make that rule up just for me.

I can’t do anything about the photos that are already out in the wild, and in general the army allows soldiers to ‘tell the army story’ via facebook. It’s expected that personal photos are often in uniform. Obviously, my case is a little different now. So, check it out, it might be the only time you’ll ever see me in uniform!

Update: This generated a pretty lively discussion on my Facebook wall, and even some trolls on twitter. If you’re wondering about regulations regarding the chaplain’s harassment, or how I won the pissing contest, check it out. You should at least listen to that bit in the podcast first (starting just before the 18 minute mark).

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  • articulett

    Send the Scientologists to him so they can “clear’ the “uncleared”.

    (If only Christians were as private with their magical beliefs as they want those with conflicting faiths to be– “do unto others…”)

  • It was a great time, man. Keep fighting the good fight for all those atheists in uniform.