I feel so betrayed. That was utterly shameful writing!

Trigger warning for fans of drama: this post will disappoint you.

That episode of Doctor Who totally sucked.

What a waste of time. It was worse than ‘jumping the shark’ for me. It was the goddamned Lost In Space Vegetable Rebellion:


(all apologies to anybody that clicked for the title of my post, or my gag trigger warning, and perhaps expected something else.)

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  • lorimakesquilts

    ROFL That episode is a riot. I read an interview with June Lockhart where she talked about making it. Apparently, she and Guy Williams got a harsh talking to during filming. They were laughing so much they couldn’t do their lines and were having to do a ridiculous number of takes.

  • Perhaps the episode had grand goals that got in the way of the storytelling. Moffet needed to show that the Doctor reacted to the death of two companions (no previous companions had ever died), and he needed to establish a new companion. the use of aliens is a bit lazy, and the Pond reference was a little over the top, but Moffit needed to establish a certain magnetism for the new companion. this is the first time he has introduced the idea of the same character repeating in time (kind of cosmic reincarnation) that only the Doctor could use. it means for the first time, the companion can “regenerate” as well… when she dies, he has to find her in another timeline and ask her again to “come away.” he cannot get her too young (like Pond) and we don’t want another time traveler (like River). We want another Rose. This is a unique take, and worth an episode to explain it.

  • Ahzzmandius

    I think the intro tried too hard to be melodramatic. But overall it was far better than anything else on American TV the last month.

    If anyone found the snowmen to be too campy…. then you don’t know the charm of the original Doctor Who stage plays or the first two seasons on the BBC 50+ years ago. I thought they were a very nice homage to the roots of the show.

  • Didaktylos

    #2 – there was a previous companion of the Doctor who died: Adric.