You are not a character worth associating with

trigger warning for those that may melt into a worthless puddle when facing a heated atmosphere.

That’s the ascii unicode character for a snowman. I suppose that one is neutral. (if you see a box instead, you can’t see it right. It’s supposed to be a snowman.)


Fuck that ^ snowman.

That is not a character worth associating with Doctor Who. As much as I enjoyed the standouts like “Blink” and “Stolen Earth” and “Silence in the Library”, those writers have either been sacked or are just out of good ideas. I think I’m done with this show now. If you’re an American and looking for a new quirky, clever bit of sci-fi, I suggest checking out Red Dwarf.

On a strange note, I wrote a post featuring this video just hours before that awful Doctor Who episode. It seems much more appropriate now though.

Doctor, who were you again?

(if you’ve clicked for the blood and guts, internet drama, infighting… all apologies. I’m against people that seem to post an extraordinary amount of that drivel, sorry for taking out my frustration on you with the same gag from yesterday. Seriously though, that episode sucked ass.)

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  • Kylie Sturgess

    Red Dwarf? Hardly new. Try 1988.

    • I watched all episodes of Red Dwarf in a 3 day marathon last month. If you think that it is possible for me to assume Red Dwarf is new when somebody dressed the cat up like THIS:

      Seriously. It’s like Morris Day and the Time are drowning in Purple Rain with that shit.

      I called it ‘new’ as in, ‘try this other U.K. show’ for the benefit of Americans. To my knowledge, it hasn’t aired (consistently) in the states. There is a new season, by the way, and it is very funny. There was also a 3 part mini season a few years back, but really the show was brilliant from the start.

      My problems with the snowmen episode were along these lines:

      -The recycled plot (enemy = same ‘think it, it happens’ as the girl who drew pictures that came true. Even then, they certainly didn’t improve on the concept. It was less like an absurd Stay Puft Marshmallow Man ala Ghost Busters and more like Lost In Space’s the Vegetable Rebellion.)
      -Over use of the self-referential ‘doctor who’ joke,
      -Clumsy script issues (e.g. “how did we get up here so fast?”, “the staircase is taller on the inside.” <— that would have the opposite effect.), etc.

      The acting was outstanding. Even the new companion was superb, though she had already proven that on the previous episode. I feel like I'm watching the exact same 'Doctor Who landscape' as before, but the writers are just not delivering the goods anymore.

  • Doctor Who has always had silly villains so the snowmen don’t bother me, and the snowmen themselves were a pretty minor part of the episode.

    I really want to see a spin-off based around the trio of Victorian detective goodness though.

  • Beggin’ yer pardon, guv’nor, but there ain’t no such animal as a single-ASCII-character snowman. The American Symbolic Code for Interchange of Information defines what characters go with code-numbers from 0 up to 127, and none of them are a snowman. What you’ve got there is a Unicode snowman. Unicode is more-or-less ASCII’s biggest brother; what ASCII does for its 128 distinct characters, Unicode is intended to do for every character in all of the writing systems on Earth. The degree to which Unicode succeeds at achieving this goal is arguable, but that is its goal, and it makes a serious, valiant effort in that direction.

  • jon

    erm…. care to explain why the snowman, or those particular snowmen were not worth associating with Doctor Who? I thought it was a lovely christmas episode.

    And red dwarf ‘new’? you must be kidding. I suppose the next book you’re going to read is from that young, upcoming frenchman, Jules Verne?

  • eigenperson

    It’s not ASCII; it’s Unicode.

    It isn’t clear to me why there can be a Unicode snowman (and also, a cup of coffee, a comet, two different telephones, all the astrological symbols, an alchemical still, a coffin, an urn, the symbol of earth’s nonexistent second moon Lilith, and a soccer ball), but not unicode Tengwar or Klingon.

  • Since when is Red Dwarf New?

    And I suggest Blackadder… To see Dr. House, Stephen Fry and Mr. Bean be really very amusing…

  • “That’s the ascii character for a snowman” – No it’s not. There are only 128 ASCII characters, and only 95 of those have a visible representation. They’re basically letters (upper and lower case), digits and punctuation marks. The snowman is a Unicode character (code point U+2603), residing in the Unicode block “Miscelaneous symbols”, which contains besides two (!) snowmen, chess pieces and recycle symbols, amongst others.

  • jon

    I can agree with you on the recycling of the plot issue. It did have a feeling of “I’ve been here before” about it. I kinda liked the doctor? doctor who? style jokes, and the “staircase is taller on the inside” joke you’re referring to is a matter of semantics IMO. (a taller-on-the-inside staircase makes sense if you’re walking on the outside of the staircase)

    Perhaps I just enjoyed it because it was (too) long ago that a new doctor who episode aired.

  • bubba707

    I haven’t much liked Doctor Who since Tom Baker left the show.

  • lsamaknight

    Actually I feel I should point out that the snowmen and ‘The Intelligence’ guiding them are in fact an extremely long ranged callback to ‘The Great Intelligence’ and the Yeti’s that the Second Doctor encountered lo those many years ago. (Though most of the episodes from that serial are sadly missing)

    They might not be as iconic as the Daleks or the Cybermen but they are tied into the series’ past.

  • pensnest

    Well, although ‘Stolen Earth’ was written by Russell T Davies, who is long gone from the Who team, both “Blink” and “Silence in the Library” were written by Steven Moffat, who… also wrote the Snowman episode.

    Which I agree was pretty rubbish—my daughter and I exclaimed with annoyance at the idea that a family’s tears on Christmas Eve were the ultimate weapon against the evil beasties. Moffat was better as a writer than as show runner, IMO.

  • Alverant

    Hey people, you do know that in 2012 DaveTV created a NEW 10th series of Red Dwarf, right?

    That is SIX NEW EPISODES of Lister, Cat, Kryten, and goal post head. Including the one every Atheist should watch (well apart from Waiting for God). The crew got a Swedish rejuvenation shower (since it IS Swedish it’s a home-assembly flat pack) and accidentally make a time machine that sends them back to 23 AD and meet Jesus. Then they bring him back to the Dwarf and that night Jesus read a history book and learned about Christianity. He sneaked back to the rejuvenation shower/time machine to “maketh sureth this christianity thing-th never taketh off-th-th-th”.

  • Long time fan of Red Dwarf, especially series 3-6, i think that was about where it peaked in terms of ideas.