Urgent Message From David Silverman

Fifty years of reason American Atheists 1963-2013

What a year it’s been.

The Reason Rally. A hugely successful national convention in Washington. Billboard and outreach campaigns. Courtroom victories. Now, a landmark lawsuit that challenges the special privileges given to churches by our government and the IRS.

We need your help to keep going in 2013.

If you haven’t already, please support American Atheists and this lawsuit by making a contribution to our $100,000 Fair Taxation Legal Fund and your gift will be doubled.

The support of our members is what keeps us going. Your generosity, your activism, and your passion are amazing and I look forward to working on the issues we all care about in the next year. The only way for us to do that is to rely on our members.

We all know that we’ve got a lot of work to do. But with your help and the dedication of our staff, volunteers, and members, we can do it. We can fight against the special treatment of churches by our government. We can ensure that atheists aren’t discriminated against just because we embrace reality. We can fight for our interests in Washington D.C. and all over the country by educating lawmakers and the public.

You’ve helped us become what we are today: the most effective and most visible advocates for equal rights and the separation of religion from government in the nation. I know that I can rely on you as we keep moving forward.

Please donate to American Atheists in the next few hours, while your donations are still automatically doubled. American Atheists sponsored the VERY FIRST atheist event on a military base, and it was a massive festival! We made history in 2012. If you couldn’t support us in person then, this is a great chance to support us now. – Justin Griffith

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  • Tsu Dho Nimh

    I would donate via PayPal … but 3% surcharge for running a credit card transaction is kinda high.