America needs armed corporations in every school

Corporations are people. They should be able to marry, vote, and even bear arms. In fact, let’s put armed corporations in every school.

Corporations are people. They should be able to marry, vote, and even bear arms. In fact, let’s put armed corporations in every school.

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  • Crudely Wrott

    Technically, yes Practically, no. The garishness of the uniforms alone should be evidence against allowing human rights to corporations. These particular examples (as in the photo above) are eloquence against them being exposed daily to children.

    They pose, they posture, they parade. Fucking hoorah. They also shoot to kill, not to disable or disarm. Worse, they assume the authority that individuals already possess and thereby disenfranchise us. To put them in schools would disenfranchise an entire generation and negate the historical record of autonomy in America.

    Imagine the mindset of their children . . .

  • sailor1031

    seems to me we have a standing army that isn’t doing anything very useful these days. How about a platoon in every school?

    • I disagree, sailor. I understand the sentiment, but I think you’re likely to increase the problem (or have no effect at best). There were armed guards at Columbine, for instance. Guns have stopped and have failed to stop on different occasions. I think it’s a mental health, gun control, and bullying trifecta that needs to be addressed. There are plenty of responsible members of the ‘gun culture’, I’ve seen some of them specifically say they stopped owning weapons (or mitigated the danger with shooter-specific locks, etc.) when their children had potentially dangerous mental health issues.

      It’s complicated, and you’re more than welcome to discuss it here. However, my point was more of a jab at Citizens United V. FEC SCOTUS ruling (‘corporations are people’).

  • sailor1031

    Justin; I was being a little tongue in cheek there. I don’t believe for a moment that more guns, even in the hands of trained soldiers, is any answer to the problem. Anyway don’t we have a “posse comitatus” law that prevents using the army domestically (except on the US-Mexican border…)? or did I dream that? I agree with your assessment.

    But, sigh…., I would really like to get something more for my $650billion+ a year

    As for Corporations being people – as has been said “I’ll believe that when Texas executes one!”

    But you gotta love those shirts. Did those clowns escape from a Nascar meet somewhere? except they don’t have the STP logo…

    • @sailor

      Sorry haha. I really have seen some people suggesting armed veterans in schools.

      Damn, I totally should have done the STP logo. Next time.