Armor of Light / Camp Pendleton just don’t have the muscle

Armor of Light is a ministry that currently gets a lot of special treatment on the USMC base, Camp Pendleton (near San Diego). They recently posted this ridiculous picture on one of their facebook walls.

You might need to see this one embiggened.

Armor of Light ministry satan has two biceps arm wrestle jesus neat picture
Click to embiggen

The fellow with the sunburn has 2 biceps on one arm. He’s going to beat the fellow with the mullet easily. Neat picture, though. – Justin Griffith

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  • You have to give the…. artist?… points for not giving Jesus blonde hair and blue eyes.

    • Still, the artist brings a whole new meaning to the term ‘muscle failure’.

  • IslandBrewer

    The devil is arm wrestling Eddy Vedder? Dude, just give him the Pearl Jam backstage pass!

    • I wouldn’t touch the devil’s hand unless he washed it first. Look at those double biceps. I know exactly where his hand has been.

  • Anthony K

    The topmost ‘biceps’ is clearly the anterior/lateral ‘heads’ of the deltoid. One of my gong-fu instructors had a fairly broad back, and as the style itself required practitioners to ‘extend’ their arms from their shoulders as much as possible, his arms tended to look like that when he was in similar poses.

  • nohellbelowus

    USADA has been piss-testing Jesus for years, but the only thing they can ever get out of Him is a cup of lukewarm Chardonnay.

  • I am just so pleased to know that the fate of the world is decided by arm wrestling, so much better than guns and bombs and plagues and fiery lakes. How come this wasn’t mentioned in the bible?

  • Joven

    Well you think Satan would win, but near defeat, Jesus will go over the top and pull out a sweaty, grunty, sweaty victory.

    Also, those are his bangs, not a mullet, he turned his hair helmet backwards and morphed into a truck/human/god hybrid.

  • FYI – There’s a rumor that it’s not a picture of Jesus. It’s actually Bob Seger. He uses the power of Detroit to overpower the muscular sunburned fellow.

  • Hey, I’d listen to Seger. There’s more truth in Seger’s music than in a semi-trailer load of bibles.

  • jaxkayaker

    On the bright side, the artist’s depiction wasn’t of Jesus and the demon oiled up in singlets doing Greco-Roman wrestling. So we’ve got that going for us.

  • leedawson

    Why are people thinking it’s a deltoid? It might have been intended to be one, but it’s still placed on the upper arm, NOT the shoulder, where the deltoid is located. This is basic anatomy, plus he already has a deltoid, though it is small.

  • cottonnero

    Perhaps the artist just knew that devils don’t have conventional human muscular anatomy. That does raise the question of where he got his info, though.

  • coragyps

    Jesus! Watch out for him trying to head-butt you!!!!!

  • jnorris

    The guy on the right has sissy long hair. How can the jarheads stand him?

  • The winner gets to kill Job’s family and take all his stuff.

  • StevoR, fallible human being

    If I had “armour of light” I’d be seriously wondering about the defense contractor flogging that useless rubbish.

    Unless its some kind of force field or something?

    Would prefer armour of, dunno, that flak jacket-y, protective stuff instead maybe?

    Invisible clothes / invisible armour whose going to point out it isn’t there?