Military members, does your PX / BX sell these awful items?

I’ve been getting reports of questionable items available at Post Exchange / Base Exchange stores on military bases. We’ve had mixed luck in the past, for various reasons. What we’re looking for are certain books way beyond the standard Bible-variants (365-day, various translations, etc.)

Specifically, if you see anything from David Barton on a military base, such as The Jefferson Lies, contact me immediately. Take pictures if possible, and let me know where and when in your message.

David Barton the Jefferson Lies fixed: pinocchio liar nose and hat

Also, keep an eye out for clothing lines that carry evangelical messages. I’ve got some very specific reports in from Texas bases, and I want to see if it’s systemic. T-shirts that simply have chaplain-related mottos are generally not what I’m talking about (though extreme messages should be documented and sent to me ASAP.)

Watch out for amateurish banners for questionable religious activities of all stripes. These advertisements are not supposed to be up at a PX/BX:

Ad for an evangelical bible camp aimed at kids on US Navy bases

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  • redpanda

    LOL at “everything is possible with LSD” on that second poster.

  • Just about the only T’s you could buy that weren’t patriotic splatter paint in our PX in Mannheim, Germany (now closed), were religious t-shirts. The rest of their stock was polo, dress, and sports wear. The one here in Heidelberg, Germany isn’t as bad on the selection, but still has an entire wall dedicated to the religious brand shirts. Both of these things sucked, because without going on the economy I had almost no selection when I needed new clothes.

  • F [disappearing]

    Jump off buildings! “That drum solo sounds so far-freakin’ out, I want to take it with me.”

  • Psychopomp Gecko

    You’d think they wouldn’t like superheros. Hercules, Ares, Thor, Loki, Odin, Wonder Woman…

    In fact, look at the Justice League of America. Aquaman, Flash, Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Martian Manhunter, Green Lantern.

    Aquaman is a king of a foreign country exercising his superpowers on American soil and waters and likely follows his own pantheon. Also, his country practices magic.

    Wonder Woman is related to the Greek pantheon possibly (darn retcons) but at least knows for a fact they exist and is a representative of a foreign country. Also, she practices bondage.

    Superman is an illegal alien taking a hardworking American reporter’s job when times are already hard enough for print journalism. Also stealing our Earth women.

    Martian Manhunter is another illegal alien who can read your thoughts.

    Green Lantern is enforcing some other planet’s laws on citizens in the United States. Said other planet claims such authority because it was the first place life evolved in the greater than 6,000 year old universe.

    The Flash promotes the use not only of Speed, but of Super Speed. Has also traveled far enough into the future to know the world doesn’t end anytime soon.

    Batman didn’t lay off half his workforce just because Obamacare wasn’t overturned; actually cares about the poor people.

  • Ranidae

    The AAFES at Edwards AFB has fascinated me for so long by carrying so much Christian paraphernalia that is sooooo close to being over the edge but not quite. I’m just a tad sore because they decided to prioritize carrying “armor of god” and “Christian warrior” style challenge coins over unit or base coins. I’m going to scour the bookshelves tomorrow and see if I can find a copy. I’ll let you know how it turns out!

  • George

    Update: I’m the guy who sent the “SKY” poster picture. Haven’t seen any posters like that since. Apparently an anonymous message to the CO and Chaplain, with a link to Justin’s related blog post, has discourages similar activities so far. If they do anything for spring or summer break, I’ll let you know.

    BTW, no books by David Barton here. Did see “God, no!” and “god is not great” tho.

    Keep up the great work!

    • You have no idea how happy that makes me, George. Thank you for the update!