US Army just punked all the local Justin Bieber fans at Fort Meade

Fort Meade, Maryland is home to the National Security Agency (NSA). Clearly, they’ve got some real ‘smart guys’ working there. The official Fort Meade Facebook page just announced a surprise visit from a ridiculous cast of characters. It was a ‘short notice opportunity’.

Apparently, a few people actually showed up. They didn’t think it was funny… which makes it even funnier.

Fort Meade actually posted this prank on facebook


In a surprise promotional event for their upcoming joint film and musical endeavors, MILA KUNIS, BARRY MANILOW,and…


Will be present at the Garrison Headquarters building this afternoon only from

4:30 – 4:45 pm (NOW!)

Don’t miss this once in a lifetime opportunity to see your favorite movie and music stars!


Who: Team Meade

What: Autograph session

When: 1630-1645 TODAY!!!

Where: Garrison Headquarters, 4551 Llewellyn Ave Fort George G. Meade, MD 20755

Why: Have you got the fever? THE BIEBER FEVER???

john travolta olivia newton john and fake soldiers

I am surprised people fell for this… and it was announced less than an hour before it was supposed to happen. Bwahahahaha!!!

That’s the Garrison Commander, Col. Edward C. Rothstein photoshopped into Saturday Night Fever in lieu of John Travolta, by the way.


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  • Jesse M.

    So, there are people who do not keep informed about celebrities but who know their children are infatuated with Justin Beiber, and they got excited when they heard they had a chance to make their children happy, and their coworkers actually deceived them, which resulted in hurting the feelings of their children, and this is funny? I fail to see the humor.

  • Jesse M.

    So the children of ignorant parents are fair game?

    • The children of ignorant parents were not expected to see it. I wasn’t laughing at the kids with broken hearts. I was laughing that information spread that quickly. It makes me feel old. I also found humor in the fact that somebody at Fort Meade is downright fearless for posting it.

  • Jesse M.

    So the children are collateral damage, so it’s okay?

    • It’s unfortunate. Doesn’t negate the humor. I’m sure the kids are fine now…

  • fastlane
  • F [nucular nyandrothol]

    Oh, for fuxake Justin. Think of The Children!!!1one!

  • Jesse M.


    In that clip, Carlin argued that people should allow their children to choke to death on marbles to prevent them from growing up and having children of their own, and you want to cite that argument as morally authoritative?

    F [nucular nyandrothol],

    Showing your ass does not constitute an argument.

    • @Jesse – I’m sure the children are fine now. I’m sure they were not ‘devastated’ by some experience that will haunt them forever.

      It’s kind of a military tradition too. When I was deployed on the Kuwait/Iraq border, I stopped over in Camp Buehring. There were hundreds of flyers all over for upcoming ‘Camel Races in Zone 1’. Camel racing does exist, and I’m sure these flyers kinda forced everyone to google it. Something – ANYTHING – to break up the monotony of a deployment can be a soldier’s equivalent to a tween’s Justin Bieber meeting.

      The flyers were all over the place for weeks, complete with a “BE THERE OR BE SQUARE!!!” Lots of people showed up. No camels. Just people, some of whom weren’t sure if Camel Racing was real. I was thinking of going, but was actually busy. I heard that a colonel showed up.

      For weeks, we all laughed like a bastard about it. We vowed to pull the same prank at other camps and bases, but I never got around to it.

  • fastlane

    Jesse, I’m beginning to think you need to fill out req form, I don’t know the official designation for it, but I’m sure the Army will issue you a sense of humor (standard military protocol only) if you ask nicely.

    • @fastlane

      Jesse, I’m beginning to think you need to fill out req form, I don’t know the official designation for it, but I’m sure the Army will issue you a sense of humor (standard military protocol only) if you ask nicely.

      Any piece of paper will do – just put it in the suggestion box at Fort Meade:

  • F [nucular nyandrothol]

    Jesse M

    I’m sorry, you had an argument I was supposed to counter? What was it? And how is it you see my ass, and see me “showing” it?

    Thanks for playing, try again.