Oklahoma Atheists need Your Help! *final update*









The Oklahoma Atheists are hurting…

…and so are the Christians, the Muslims, the Wiccans, the Deists, and well…all the humans! I’m not gonna embellish too much on this post as I just want to get it out there. I contacted the head of the Oklahoma Atheists, Red McCall, when he asked for help on Facebook. There are lots of people affected by this tragedy. Many are homeless, without shelter, and have lost loved ones.

Let’s donate whatever we can to help; whether it be building supplies, money, food, impromptu shelters, or even our time the smallest bit will make a difference!

Atheists helping those in need:

Here are a list of organizations you can donate to that are working directly with Red:

Or you can go directly to the Oklahoma Atheists webpage (linked above and here as well) and donate directly to them. Share the info and get the word out! Let’s help those in need.


I will update this as I get more information.



*update 1*

—>Here’s a food bank in the local area. They are going to need funds<—

*update 2*

–>The Marine Battery at Fort Sill, Oklahoma is collecting food, water, clothes and anything for the relief effort.

They are located at Building 912 (Marine Barracks Battery) on base. If anyone lives in or around Lawton, Oklahoma and wants to donate more than money please start there! <–

*update 3*

In less than 24 hours people have donated OVER $25,000 to these four atheist/humanist organizations! That is epic! You totally rock! I know it was a helluva lot more people than just read this blog since I only get between 1,000-3,000 people on here while I’m blogging on a regular basis (sometimes more or less — it ebbs and flows) so it was many many atheists who have decided to act for the better good.

DON’T Stop Now! If you are cash strapped (like me or most of America) then please give when you can. It may sound like a lot of money but a single destroyed house still costs more than everything that’s been collected today. And LOTS of homes were destroyed.

Thanks all!

I will continue to blog about other things and give you another update at some point in the future for anything the Oklahomans may need.

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  • chasstewart

    Thanks for the support, Paul!

  • VeganAtheistWeirdo

    Done. Thank you for the roundup.

  • Mariah

    What tragedy are we talking about here? What happened? I don’t have TV, and I must be out of the loop.

    • Paul Loebe

      A tornado recently stuck Oklahoma. It was an F5. A lot of devastation and loss of life and property. Anything that can be done to help would be appreciated.

  • badgersdaughter

    Happy to give to the food bank, thanks for the link! I was in a town hit by a tornado years ago, though I did not personally lose my home. I worked in the local insurance office and saw enough suffering. Glad to have a way to help.