An atheists response to the repeal of DADT (old news but still entertaining)

An atheists response to the repeal of DADT (old news but still entertaining) June 6, 2013


This made me chuckle

I was very happy for all my gay friends the moment DADT was repealed and put into full effect. I’ve got more than a few gay friends and it was an absolute travesty that they had to hide who they were for fear of being kicked out of the military. I remember a lot of rhetoric being thrown around about trying to reinstate it….because all those “out of the closet” gays can suddenly go back in.

Anyways this was a fun little retort written by Casey Leavings, a fellow atheist and member of the Air Force, to the military publication ‘Stars and Stripes’

I would like to thank those who have written in to Stars and Stripes opposing the repeal of “don’t ask, don’t tell.” It takes a lot of courage to openly stand for God and his revealed moral code.

Although “don’t ask, don’t tell” has been repealed, the war is far from over, and I am confident God will help us to once again make homosexuality in the military illegal.

Even though we shouldn’t stop fighting the repeal of “don’t ask, don’t tell,” I would like to bring focus to a sinful practice the military has long engaged in: “Surf and Turf” night at dining facilities. In the book of Leviticus, God labels eating shellfish an abomination, only a few chapters before he condemns homosexuality. Yet at every dining facility I have been to, the military has encouraged this sinful practice by openly serving shrimp, lobster and other detestable items alongside God-approved foods such as steak and chicken. This detestable act occurred at least once a week (most commonly Wednesday).

Now I have no problem with those who choose to eat shellfish (I love the sinner but hate the sin), but why should I be forced to sit alongside those who do, in open defiance of my religious code? If others want to eat shrimp cocktail, let them do it in private, instead of being in my face with their reprehensible acts.

Thanks for the laughs, Casey!

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  • ianeymeaney

    I agree completely with Casey. The Bible explicitly states that we should put to death anyone who wears clothing made of mixed fibers (a la cotton-poly blends), eats a cheeseburger, is gay, etc. If we start killing people who commit these abominations, we will live in a much more Godly world.

  • MarkWarm

    The condemnation of sodomy in the Old Testament was a moral law, unlike the dietary laws which were repealed by Jesus, yet sodomy is still condemned in the New Testament. So try again.

    • Paul Loebe

      Correction. Jesus not once…NO NEVER…not once said a word about people’s sexuality. The Apostle Paul who never met Jesus did. But Jesus doctrine and The Apostle Paul’s are two very different doctrines indeed.

      Jesus focused more on love. Paul focused more on keeping women and children silent, and demanding everyone remain virgins. If only that were the case…Christians would’ve died out in one generation. But I digress…