Introducing our New Podcast

The Sgt Skeptic Podcast, Episode 1, Operation Asshat

Hey everyone.  Just a quick post to let everyone know Paul, myself and two fellow atheists will be hosting the first episode of the Sgt Skeptic Podcast, a podcast discussing topics relating to atheism, skepticism and the military.  This is our first episode so don’t expect everything to go smoothly.  You can listen live, participate in the chatroom, and even call in if you have something to say.  Link to the show, with all the information is here.  The show starts at 8pm Mountain Time, 7pm Pacific, 9pm Central, and 10pm on the East coast.  Hope to see/hear from you.

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  • christopherlemke

    Will this be available on iTunes?

    Love the blog btw! Keep up the great work for our brothers and sisters in arms!

  • Casey Leavings

    Hey Christopher, thanks for the feedback! I just submitted the podcast to iTunes once it’s been reviewed, it’l be available for download. I’ll post when it’s ready!

  • christopherlemke

    Great! I’m really looking forward to it!