Atheism in The Military – Isn’t that Anathema to Authority?

I missed the first half of this interview. I wasn’t even sure I would make it. It was interesting but I really didn’t get to express everything I wanted to talk about in it. Check it out for yourself:

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  • ctcss

    Sadly, I don’t have 90 minutes to watch this video. But if the title of this entry is relevant “Atheism in The Military – Isn’t that Anathema to Authority?”, why wouldn’t a devout religious belief also be anathema to authority? No matter how high a rank a human might have, God would have to conceivably outrank that person. Thus a soldier might decide that they could no longer take up arms against another human (because they were also one of God’s children) and ask for conscientious objector status or something like that.

    Wouldn’t any strongly held belief (religious or not) that was at odds with goals of the military be something that might cause problems? How is something like this unique to atheism?

  • GubbaBumpkin

    Isn’t that Anathema to Authority?

    I agree with ctcss. Religious belief is more of a threat to military authority, because, as I read somewhere, “no man may serve two masters.”

  • Paul Loebe

    Well, of course we know it’s all BS. But that doesn’t stop the religious from stating we are the anathema.