Winnie The Pooh Would Be Sad

He can’t take his honey from the hundred-acre wood to the United States without checking it.


The whole point of honeygate, as it is now being called, was to point out the despoilment of our liberties. The voluntary despoilment. We are steadily giving up liberty for safety. Of course this was the perfect opportunity for some internet warriors to attack Dawkins. I’m not particularly interested in defending Dawkins as I do not think he needs my help nor do I feel obligated to help anyone over something as dumb as honey….were it about honey.


The erosion of our civil liberties is pretty obvious to most people in the progressive movement. Personally, I would think this would be the most important issue but we just sit and whine and bitch about many other issues (which are very important in a world where we have freedom). I thought the NSA wiretapping every country on the planet would be a big enough reason for people to be riled up and demand their government, our government, the largest and most powerful government in the world – would follow the Constitution upon which it was founded. Hell the NSA and the USA even violated numerous international laws by spying on the phone and emails of international diplomats and leaders of sovereign nations.

But what the fuck do I know? Let’s just whine about honey in a god-damn airport. Carry on Social Justice Warriors!

For the rest of you that actually care here are a list of petitions you can sign to tell the NSA to respect the fourth amendment AND international law.

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  • 5ulman

    Dawkins’ occasionally grand tone doesn’t help him in these cases, but I agree; I think it is an important point, and that the person making it has become the story is a shame, if inevitable.