I got 99 problems but water ain’t one…

Dawkins is Worse than ISIS But the SJWs Are Even Worse
The Shaming Of Kim Davis
Kevlar and Jesus
SWAT Teams Train to Kill 'Extremist Atheist Terrorists' at Gun Show Convention
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    o/` I’m from the hood, stupid; what kinda facts ‘r those? o/`

  • Defensive Ball Curl

    I don’t get what’s the problem with Africans. Who’s fault is it? Is it the average American’s fault, that an African is starving, even though he has absolutely nothing to do with it?

    Stuff like imperialism are the only ways to save those “poor helpless Africans”. But no, superior white men providing food, water, medicine & education to the ill Africans? UNFAIR! EVIL!

    Worst though, places where Africans are actually living they come up with idiotic crap like