I’m gonna try this again

It’s been a hot minute since I actually sat at a computer to write anything. I’ve had a lot on my mind in regards to many issues that have come up facing the military, atheists, and just life in general but haven’t felt the compulsion, passion, or desire to put the proverbial “pen to paper” and lay my thoughts out. There have been a lot of factors in my life affecting my ability to write. I’ve been…subdued and in a mental stasis. I’m not even sure I can map it out into words yet but hopefully this will not only be a way for me to begin writing again but also a cathartic way to let myself heal and move on.

I really want to branch out on the issues I write about. I will have to tread certain issues carefully because I could fall into a legal gray area (due to the nature of military law) but it’s what I intend to do henceforth on this blog. For the longest time I have tried to use this blog to speak primarily about military atheism but I find that is a taste too bland for my palate (not that it isn’t important – just that it is too dry for a single subject). I want to expand about history, politics, the law, the struggles of the proletariat, and on. In some ways that does go hand in hand with the issues facing atheists in the military these days but sometimes when I delve into something I may end up veering off into another subject entirely.

Since Rock Beyond Belief has fallen on my shoulders, I’m going to take that up and make it all my own. I’m sure that will upset some people (I’ve already got lots of haters after I took over for Justin) but I’ve already got some fans.

So let’s see how this goes.



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