How do vaccines cause autism?


I’m a scientifically literate person, or at least I hope to stand on the shoulders of intellectual giants and do my best to understand what they are telling me, a simple layperson.

I always see these very interesting arguments about vaccines causing autism. Now as a brand new father with a young daughter this is of great concern to me. So I’ve decided to delve into the research. I suggest all of you do the same. Let’s explore together shall we?

Jenny McCarthy says that her son has autism as a result of vaccination at an early age. If this truly is the case then I suppose I won’t be vaccinating my daughter. So I’ve decided to go to the one place where I know I’ll get the answers: GOOGLE.

I went to google and typed in “how do vaccines cause autism”

Try it here!

The first link that popped up was

It looks like they got it right. Guess I’m going to the doctor after all. Damn!

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