Memorial Day has passed…

I haven't ever really observed Memorial Day before. I have not maligned it nor just disregarded it, but I have never stopped and given the time to make remembrance. This year was especially hard for me. I went perusing through the military pages on facebook, typically filled with humor, insults, derogatory comments, veterans and active throwing jabs at one another...but not a single one was playing on that day. All the pages had were updates with pictures of the fallen.It was rough on me. I … [Read more...]

Actually, calling Mikey Weinstein an atheist IS Defamation!


In the news Recently there has been a media flurry surrounding Mikey Weinstein and the Military Religious Freedom Foundation. Megyn Kelly, of Fox News, along with James and Shirley Dobson went on a verbal assault of Mikey and MRFF.  Claiming that Mikey was an atheist (he's not) and the MRFF was an atheist organization (it's not) .Now is this a problem? That all depends upon context. 'Atheist' is not defamation Actually...Before you can make an argument as to whether or not … [Read more...]

NERD ALERT: Call of Duty

So the new call of duty trailer is outHouse of Cards?  For any House of Cards fans out there you know that Kevin Spacey is clearly the shit!Although, as humanists, that should mean that we despise House of Cards amiright? I don't know. Most of the people I am friends with feel abhorrent towards the type of horrible character that Kevin Spacey portrays as the Congressman turned - *Spoiler Alert* - you-know-who in House of Cards.....yet nonetheless are huge fans of his horrible and … [Read more...]

That first spark


Easter I drove home with the family this weekend to spend time with the in-laws. I absolutely love my in-laws so it was a trip I was very much looking forward to. Most everyone I interact with back home are all believers and still attend church. I still seem to be the exception to that rule. Nonetheless, I had a very good conversation with my father-in-law that was quite interesting to me. My wife's family are all progressive Christians and in fact have schooled me time and again on some … [Read more...]

10 years ago


I saw this popping up today on social mediaThey fail to mentionPat was a foxhole atheist who stood against the war and planned on speaking out against it through books and speeches when his contract ended. … [Read more...]

How do vaccines cause autism?

Science I'm a scientifically literate person, or at least I hope to stand on the shoulders of intellectual giants and do my best to understand what they are telling me, a simple layperson.I always see these very interesting arguments about vaccines causing autism. Now as a brand new father with a young daughter this is of great concern to me. So I've decided to delve into the research. I suggest all of you do the same. Let's explore together shall we?Jenny McCarthy says that her son has … [Read more...]

PTSD and….

Bleh I've really tried to stay away from this but.... I'll just drop this video here. … [Read more...]


Gonna be a busy weekend for me. I'll try and keep some posts coming. I'm writing something about Elder Scrolls and my undying love for that video game series.Oh and probably another something about how god isn't real. I do want to see that "Gods not dead" movie.Any suggestions on an atheist tee shirt to wear when I go see movies like that? If you want to donate me a funny atheist t that'll work. All I've got are JREF shirts. ;) … [Read more...]