Dawkins is Worse than ISIS But the SJWs Are Even Worse

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The Shaming Of Kim Davis

It takes a lot to get me to write in the atheist forum these days. I’ve found no drive to do it in quite  a long time, but this recent incident where Kim Davis, the County Clerk refusing to issue marriage licenses to LGBTQ couples has given me cause to write again. However, I’m not writing about her but rather the treatment she received as a result of her stupid actions. Her actions were absolutely stupid. They were bigoted, hateful,... Read more

La Jolla VA Hospital Kicking Mentally Ill Veterans onto the Streets – Read their emails

I really don’t have much to say about this. The VA is placing many mentally ill veterans, including this Vietnam Veteran, onto the streets. They held this guy in the mental ward because he refused to have his foot amputated. When he finally acquiesced, they cut off his foot and tried to kick him back into the streets to be homeless. The ONLY reason he isn’t homeless is because his daughter, an OIF veteran, got to the San Diego Airport... Read more

Why I’m Happy About the RFRA and Other Random Ramblings

I finally graduated my new MOS course for the Marines. I’ve lateral moved from Artillery to Civil Affairs. It was pretty easy from a physical fitness perspective. We didn’t PT a single damn time. Now, that’s my kind of course! On the other hand the mental portion was extremely grueling. They crammed a lot of information into way too short a time frame. The information was really good, even if I felt the instruction could have been much better. I... Read more

American Chicken Hawks and Obama Have a Failed ISIS War Plan, Veterans Left Out of Planning Again

As we prepare to make another excursion into the Middle East, one thing comes to mind for me: Veterans. There has never in the history of the United States, to my limited knowledge, been a war which has been fought with the foresight of veteran’s care being taken into account. We manage to hype up the danger to American citizens about how our freedom is being encroached upon, turn to jingoistic rhetoric, and demand unilateral action against an enemy thousands... Read more

SWAT Teams Train to Kill ‘Extremist Atheist Terrorists’ at Gun Show Convention

This last year SWAT teams from across the nation rallied together for another annual convention where they meet and compete. This year it took place in Oakland, California. It’s like your typical gun show that takes place many days throughout the year across the nation, except on steroids. A reporter from Mother Jones was there on the ground covering the event in person but his focus was primarily on the militarization of the police force, which is a valid issue... Read more

Kevlar and Jesus

We’ve all heard it– that six-word phrase that inspires believers (you can always tell they’re inspired by the way they nod and make the affirmative humming noise) but makes our eyes twitch and our teeth grind. Six unassuming words, strung together to create an inordinate amount of animosity between two already divided groups. “There are no atheists in foxholes.” I will be the first to admit that the only foxhole in which I spent any time was the one I... Read more

Corky and Jesus, A “How-to” Guide on Forcing Jesus’ Will Against the Mentally Challenged

A book titled “Helping the Retarded to Know God” is available for a bargain price on Amazon! In today’s market, there is certainly no shortage of self-help books. In a small corner of your local bookstore, you can learn to do everything from meditating, to fly fishing, to building a space shuttle out of six aluminum cans, some cat saliva, and a pair of fuzzy dice. For the “do-it-yourself-er” on the go, you can even buy such books online. It... Read more

Carrie Underwood: Not a Single Atheist Cares What You Sing

Carrie Underwood fans have recently been on a tirade bashing atheists for allegedly bashing her for singing about….*gasp* Jesus! Imagine that. A privileged Christian white woman from a predominantly privileged Christian white culture has released a song praising the predominant religious figure of her own religious preference which falls in line with 70% of the nation’s citizens. Imagine that! Oh the backlash has been intense or so says the conservative Christian tabloids that have been perpetuating this tall tale. So... Read more

Memorial Day has passed…

I haven’t ever really observed Memorial Day before. I have not maligned it nor just disregarded it, but I have never stopped and given the time to make remembrance. This year was especially hard for me. I went perusing through the military pages on facebook, typically filled with humor, insults, derogatory comments, veterans and active throwing jabs at one another…but not a single one was playing on that day. All the pages had were updates with pictures of the fallen.... Read more