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It Appears Christian Supremacist Jonathan C. Dowty May Have Been Brought to Justice for Criminal Activity

For years, Major Jonathan C. Dowty has used his rank and his blog, Christian Fighter Pilot, to spread a message of hate and sedition.  Through that blog he regularly decried the terror he lived under…as a Christian being forced to serve with homosexuals.  He actively harassed subordinates, many of them clients of the Military Religious [Read More…]

First Amendment 2.0: Congress shall make no law which respects the first amendment

The recent flurry shit-storm of news surrounding the myth of Christian persecution in the military has left many of our representatives in congress deluded about the realities of the aims of secular activists.  Through this conflagration, one story of hope has floated to the surface.  The story I’m referring to was the recent submission of an amendment to [Read More…]

Atheism Ruining Military Careers pt. 3 — Vindicated: USMA Officer Upholds Tradition of Christian Privileging in the Military

The West Point Cadet “Truth is generally the best vindication against slander.” – Abraham Lincoln   Since my resignation from West Point, one of the most frequently asked questions sent my way has been whether or not I have any regrets. Certainly, I have spent a few minutes contemplating the potential alternative timelines that could have [Read More…]