The Feelies

You're about to click away. It's okay, I don't take it personally. This post is about music, not about freethought. Who do I think I am anyway, Lester Bangs?I remember discovering The Feelies records about a decade ago. Something told me that it was so special that I should save them for a day when I gave up on music. I've done this with books too, refusing to read the last book in a series, or even the last pages. Finishing them seemed too fatalistic.Now I'm older and though I haven't … [Read more...]

Think of the children!

I posted about Fort Meade's Facebook page and their Justin Bieber prank, shortly after it happened. They officially announced and then minutes later, officially cancelled a fake 15-minute event featuring Justin Bieber, Mila Kunis, and Barry Manilow. The target of the prank was actually the base commander, as he had been photoshopped into a Saturday Night Fever poster.Click to embiggen:Despite the obvious fake event, extreme short notice, and the cancellation, some people showed up. T … [Read more...]

Baby wearing “Santa Doesn’t Exist” t-shirt: FIXED

I'm not sure if the original "Santa Clause Doesn't Exist" baby t-shirt was an ultra-Christian 'reason for the season' thing. Probably not. Either way, there could be many Santa-believing children who can read the shirt, depending on the family / situation.I think that this shirt would be much more likely to appear in a Christian household. It feels like another cheese ball attempt at humor. You know, the 'ironic' spins on pop-culture, awkwardly re-purposing songs and fashion. The … [Read more...]

US Army just punked all the local Justin Bieber fans at Fort Meade

Fort Meade, Maryland is home to the National Security Agency (NSA). Clearly, they've got some real 'smart guys' working there. The official Fort Meade Facebook page just announced a surprise visit from a ridiculous cast of characters. It was a 'short notice opportunity'.Apparently, a few people actually showed up. They didn't think it was funny... which makes it even funnier.Team Meade - NOW ANNOUNCING A SHORT NOTICE OPPORTUNITY!!!In a surprise promotional event for their upcoming j … [Read more...]

Local church harassing soldiers at Fort Lewis says, “We don’t care about laws”

FORT LEWIS, WA (Joint Base Lewis-McChord) - A group of zealots is infiltrating Fort Lewis regularly for soul-saving raids. They arrive on the base in multiple vehicles in small groups and recruit for their church. This is illegal, and they know it.This is a follow up from one of the soldiers who were harassed and followed by a church group in their vehicles. The car followed him as he walked to the barracks from the on-post Burger King.For reference, here's the first message I … [Read more...]

Soldiers harassed about Jesus while walking on post, followed home

I just got a depressing message from an active duty soldier:Wow. One of the churches here on post is really pushing things here. I was stopped by a car while walking back from Burger King and they asked me if I wanted to come to church with them. I politely denied and they asked me if I believed on god, "no, I don't" I replied. "Why not?!?" He exclaimed. I told him that was a conversation that neither of us had time for and certainly not one I wanted to have in the middle of the street. Now I … [Read more...]

Transgender woman honorably discharged 31 years after going AWOL

HomePost's Beth Ford Roth writes:A transgender woman named Elizabeth Tremblay, who deserted the Marines 31 years ago when she was Pvt. Donald Tremblay, learned today she will get a discharge "with honorable conditions."HomePost has the full story including a short video interview. That interview was done before the Marine Corps decided her fate. I think you can tell she really loved being a Marine.I'm glad the USMC made the right call, and gave her an honorable discharge. Con … [Read more...]

Kids in Texas and their hexes

I was the 666th person to 'like' Camp Quest Texas on Facebook.They knew. Look at their hands. … [Read more...]