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Dawkins is Worse than ISIS But the SJWs Are Even Worse

What do Donald Trump, ISIS, Richard Dawkins, and Rebecca Watson have in common? The answer is obvious, no? [Read more…]

The Shaming Of Kim Davis

The vitriolic response towards Kim Davis displayed a large lack of empathy from the vast online atheist community. [Read more…]

La Jolla VA Hospital Kicking Mentally Ill Veterans onto the Streets – Read their emails

The La Jolla VA is throwing mentally ill veterans on the streets “because it’s easier”… [Read more…]

Why I’m Happy About the RFRA and Other Random Ramblings

Why I think the Indiana RFRA passage was good for the state of Indiana: It allowed the citizens of Indiana to revolt against hate. [Read more…]

American Chicken Hawks and Obama Have a Failed ISIS War Plan, Veterans Left Out of Planning Again

While the President and Congress prepare to move against ISIS, Veterans are left to wonder whether they will be cared after once the conflict ends. [Read more…]

SWAT Teams Train to Kill ‘Extremist Atheist Terrorists’ at Gun Show Convention

At the annual “Urban Shield” conference “militant atheist extremists” were the… terrorists? [Read more…]

Carrie Underwood: Not a Single Atheist Cares What You Sing

Carrie Underwood fans have recently been on a tirade bashing atheists for allegedly bashing her for singing about….*gasp* Jesus! Imagine that. A privileged Christian white woman from a predominantly privileged Christian white culture has released a song praising the predominant religious figure of her own religious preference which falls in line with 70% of the [Read More…]

Memorial Day has passed…

I haven’t ever really observed Memorial Day before. I have not maligned it nor just disregarded it, but I have never stopped and given the time to make remembrance. This year was especially hard for me. I went perusing through the military pages on facebook, typically filled with humor, insults, derogatory comments, veterans and active [Read More…]