Another Christian claim of Religious Persecution. War Vet to War Vet


Unprofessional trolls My last post, not related to atheism but exposing a horrid story of rampant harassment, was directed towards Brian Kolfage. Apparently, I am a complete liar and making up "wild accusations" towards him and his ilk. Except that I have TONS of evidence in my possession that I have amassed over a 2-1/2 month span. I'm sure if it comes to it I'll release but for the moment it just doesn't seem purposeful. The good news is that there was a major scrubbing done to the Senior … [Read more...]

Brian Kolfage and Jan Vrotsos


This post has nothing to do with atheism. All of us at Rock Beyond Belief strongly believe in social justice and that it is an integral part of the liberties we have fought for as members of the U.S. Military. This story took many weeks, months in fact, of investigation on behalf of all of us here. Many of the volunteers here hold a certain amount of fear about the backlash that will come as a result. Because of that fear I will not be divulging the individuals who took part in this … [Read more...]

American Atheists new Military Director


American Atheists American Atheists, the "Marines of Freethought", this weekend hired a new Military Director to help ensure that no egregious religious violations conducted by the Department of Defense maintain a status quo for religious inequality in the armed forces. Rock Beyond Belief wants to congratulate American Atheists on filling this much needed position. Many times atheists serving in the military are overlooked by the vast civilian populace and it's a comfort knowing that there is … [Read more...]

It Circles Back to This Again


I'm a pretty fervent atheist. I don't see how when people examine their religion, alongside with anyone else's that they can possibly come to the conclusion that their specific religious text is in any way more viable than the others they have discredited. Of course I am then making the assumption that these people have critically examined their text...or have even looked at an opposing one. Too much credit? I suppose I might give too much credit to the fact that people have taken as much of a … [Read more...]

Military Atheist at a Christian Conference?


Old News This is a couple weeks old but I still thought I should share it. My friend Adam Hann, a veteran and atheist like myself, and I received an invitation to speak at a CRU (formerly Campus Crusades for Christ) Conference. At first I was extremely hesitant about how this would turn out. I am and shall remain very critical of the CRUmilitary mission: using "god's military" and taxpayer dollars to spread the gospel of Jesus. Not only is this unethical it is also illegal and a violation of … [Read more...]

A rough transition

EASI have had a rather rough transition, the details in their entirety I shall not disclose, but here the way a few things went down. I moved to Chicago and actually ended up living with Justin Griffith for the first month. That was interesting.I was attempting to transition from Active Duty to the Reserves and then enroll in college. The transition into the Reserves did not go as planned. As part of the transition for the Reserves I was supposed to get a 6 month extension for … [Read more...]

Continuing on…

I've been absent for quite a while now. I've reached out to a few people to explain. Some rough things have happened and are continuing to happen. I have been attempting to work behind the scenes for a while now.I'll write a detailed blog later. The fight for foxhole atheists never ends. … [Read more...]

Christian Safety Officer

This is a reblog from This Week in Christian Nationalism In a recent blog post on his “Christian Fighter Pilot” blog, Air Force safety officer Maj. Jonathan C. Dowty (yeah, the Christian “fighter pilot” is actually a safety officer) displayed his crack (as in he must be smoking crack) investigative “skills” in yet another attempt to raise suspicions about the finances of Mikey Weinstein and theMilitary Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF).I suppose that at this point in his Air Force career, … [Read more...]