Parkour for Jesus

Parkour for Jesus? Unfortunately, this is a thing.About a year ago, my wife sent me a link to a craigslist ad for a guy who was starting a Parkour for Jesus group. Parkour, of course is the 'sport' of freestyle walking and running.I found the screen-capture of the long deleted personal ad, and it made me laugh all over again. I had to whip up something in photoshop to celebrate (above).I love craigslist weirdos. This is one of the finest examples. I actually contacted this guy … [Read more...]

6 dead after church tells them to stop taking HIV medication

Reporters in the U.K. have uncovered a tragedy.Faith healers there have been telling their congregations that they can cure anything - including HIV. And people are dying. Six victims and counting.An undercover reporter went to one of the many UK churches that claim to be able to cure anything.The person hardly blinked, and promised them a cure.From the report:At least six people with HIV stopped taking their medication and died after churches claimed God could cure them, … [Read more...]

Proof that babies are indeed atheists (short video)

Some would argue that all babies are atheists. Conversely, our 9 month old daughter has been speaking in tongues a lot.So we decided to just ask her how she feels about God: surprisingly, her thoughts on religion mirror her parents' views.Another question I get is:Are you raising your daughter to be ATHEIST?!?I change my answer depending on the mood. (please leave suggestions in the comments, if you've got any.)No, we are … [Read more...]

Elevator music-gate

I haven't written about the so-called elevator-gate situation, and probably never will.I feel that all the important things that could be said, have been said (in a sea of shit that probably shouldn't have been said). I grew bored of the discussion early on - despite the fact that I'm a feminist and 'picked a side'. It's not that it's unimportant, it's just not my fight/struggle. However, I was disappointed to see such a line in the sand drawn.Anyway, I still read PZ and Jen (of course), … [Read more...]

Attention internet atheists: be like the Lorax

This month, my blog has been the vehicle of successful crowd-sourced activism. Twice.Obviously, I know my place. I had a few eye-catching titles, some 'right place right time' information etc. The real champions are the anonymous masses at the news aggregating sites (reddit, stumbleupon) and other social networking sites (twitter, facebook). Take a bow, internet.I think the only credit I deserve is for knowing what to do with the crowd in the off chance they show up on my posts.We … [Read more...]

Kick-ass atheist student group raised funds for disabled veterans

The University of North Carolina at Greensboro campus has a very active Atheists group. UNCG- Atheists, Agnostics, Skeptics are a chapter of the Secular Student Alliance, so it's not surprising to hear that they are up to some meaningful activism.They have attracted some veterans of their own, and decided to actually do something meaningful on Veteran's Day.Veterans Day is an opportunity to honor our servicemen and women who have fought for our right to organize apart from religion.  So we … [Read more...]

Nurse suspended after ‘Lifestyle of sin’ for gays with PTSD

I just got a head's up from Mark Dingbaum at announcing the news.It seems that the VA Hospital in Dallas is doing the right thing. Nurse Nanci Pandathurai has been suspended from seeing patients. To be clear, she is still going to work while the investigation concludes. Her duties will now be more aligned with secretarial / administrative assistant work until her case is concluded.If you're not familiar with the story, try to read this without breaking your computer.Mark … [Read more...]

Glenwood Elementary admits mistake, apologizes for “I love Jesus because…”

American Atheists is proud to announce that Glenwood Elementary in the McDowell County (NC) School District, has apologized for the unconstitutional "I love Jesus because ___" controversy.An article I wrote here on FtB last week sounded the alert, and the secular internet community reacted strongly. Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media support is often crucial to our success at American Atheists (I'm the Military Director at American Atheists).Here are the results, for … [Read more...]