Side by side comparison of the inequalities in the culture clash at Fort Bragg Today I saw too much disinformation about the situation on the ground here. The articles clearly needed to be written, because people are starting to swallow some major shall we say… ‘unfounded assumptions’. The Great Rock the Fort Swindle is a living document chronicling the disparity between the support offered to Rock the Fort’s evangelical Christian membership drive [overwhelming] and Rock Beyond Belief. More than thirty posts… Read more

Stringing along quite a few popular and busy people for 5 months, dangling a unique opportunity in front of them, was certainly never my intention. It was unfortunate and disheartening that the last minute restrictions crippled us and we had to cancel. My initial reaction was to entertain the idea of a smaller venue being overflowing with angry atheists, as offered. Then I thought about how accepting that offer would legitimize our unequal treatment. I also thought about the angry… Read more

David Silverman, President of American Atheists, has been in direct contact with me since November, whole-heartedly supporting the Rock Beyond Belief festival. Given the recent issue about Fort Bragg telling reporters that our lineup hadn’t submitted a curious thing called a ‘Statement of Intent’, David instinctively issued an organization-wide ‘Statement of Intent’ to support us. Brilliant. Via: Rock Beyond Belief: Statement of Intent ICO American Atheists, Inc. American Atheists, Inc. wishes to clearly state and put on the record our… Read more

I’ve been approached by a number of reporters asking a peculiar question. About half the time they only ask about our headliner, Richard Dawkins. “Fort Bragg says that the people in your lineup didn’t issue a Statement of Intent to them, a letter saying that they were actually coming. Why not?” Well, they never asked for one. In fact I had never even heard of one until a reporter asked me that question. And I had been assured that our submitted packet… Read more

The petition on on our behalf has been yielding some unexpected and interesting results. Some of the politicians at the other end of this petition are actually replying. [See yesterday’s example] This one came from NC State Representative Efton M. Sager. He served the Air Force honorably for 21 years, and is also on the Homeland Security, Military, and Veterans Affairs Committee. It’s unfortunate that he doesn’t care about the equality promised to all Soldiers, regardless of their faith (or lack… Read more

But he does remind me of someone who used to dabble in witchcraft. [But not anymore.] Many of our supporters have been signing a petition on our behalf. The petition at actually sends mail directly to your representatives based on the street address you type in, with a pre-formatted message explaining our struggle. To my surprise, many of our supporters are receiving shocking replies from members of our government.This is not the only instance I’ve been alerted to so… Read more

This week was exceptionally busy for us at Rock Beyond Belief. We are still dealing with the fallout from the cancellation of the festival. We don’t know exactly what lies ahead for the festival, but April 2nd is a definite ‘No-Go’. “Don’t Pray? – Don’t Say!” We find ourselves in the curious position of being on the front line of two types of war. One is tangible and you see it on the news every day, the other is the… Read more

Anonymous guest post from a foxhole atheist disgusted with the climate of discrimination he faces. This article was making the rounds on the web, and I think it is eye-opening. (No, this is not me ghost-writing. Several people alerted me to it.) I don’t want atheists to drop out of the military, or to avoid joining. We need more of you to stand up with us! But it is entirely understandable why this author has reached that conclusion. By anonymous;… Read more

Attention: May 21st, 2011 is the Last chance to dance! (Ever.) The world is ending, and the rapture is going to be screwing up your Christmas. Didn’t you hear? Luckily, we at Rock Beyond Belief have an early present for you. Deborah at God Discussion, will be hosting a star studded interactive 24 hour telethon. The funds being raised are going to the Military Religious Freedom Foundation’s defense of Rock Beyond Belief in any upcoming litigation. Any leftover funds will… Read more

Raleigh, North Carolina’s 680 AM, (WPTF) Talk Radio and news station invited me on the air yesterday for what was supposed to be a six minute segment. Due to popular demand, it turned into an entire hour. The switchboards were going crazy and I was fielding phone calls from, let’s be honest here, not a very sympathetic crowd. The back and forth was respectful, but I was surprised at many of the things I was hearing. This was my first… Read more

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