After last week’s hey-maker from Fort Bragg, we were devastated. It was shocking to learn that our festival had been crippled with last-minute restrictions that forced us to shut down. Now it’s time to fight back. Please help us stand up to the discrimination facing the non-religious military community. That was the whole point of our festival, and Fort Bragg just took a giant step backwards by reinforcing existing prejudices. They legitimized the proselytizing efforts of the Evangelical Christian membership… Read more

Last week, the Garrison Commander at Fort Bragg placed crippling last-minute restrictions on our event, effectively forcing us to shut down. These restrictions are clearly breaking their promise to provide an equal level of support to the controversial evangelical Christian membership drive known as Rock the Fort. This promise has been repeated to me at every step of the 5+ months of planning, and even publicly repeated by the Garrison Commander’s own legal staff (17 February 2011). Why did they (pretend to?) offer… Read more

I get comments. Yesterday, I got what seems to be a drive-by comment from a person who really just doesn’t get it. I’ve seen much worse, and more offensive language, and harsher tones. I don’t know why this particular one jumped out at me. Perhaps it was the dismissive hand-waiving, or the arguments from ignorance. Whatever the case,  I think her position represents the attitude of a great many people who are unfamiliar with the story so far. Below is… Read more

I’m not the one who owes everyone an apology, but I’m offering one anyway. On March 1st we received the Fort Bragg Garrison Commander’s final decision letter, which by all indications was going to approve everything we asked for. Obviously, it didn’t. It placed so many restrictions and unexpected changes that we are completely unable to put on the Rock Beyond Belief festival. Additionally, the lack of similar financial support from government-controlled funds prevents us from actually putting on an… Read more

Fort Bragg’s legal department thoroughly combed our proposal and recommended fully supporting it. However, we have just received some extremely troubling and unexpected news. We apologize for being vague, but we are completely blindsided by the most recent development. Our team has a meeting tomorrow morning to attempt to fix the situation. Everything will be put out tomorrow. Hopefully this post will disappear tomorrow morning and everything will be back to rocking beyond belief.   Read more

Hilarious singer/songwriter, Roy Zimmerman is one of the most popular atheist musicians around. We’re proud to finalize the musical lineup with Roy joining us at Rock Beyond Belief, on Fort Bragg. Zimmerman has played clubs across the country, and shared the stage with George Carlin, Bill Maher, Kate Clinton, Dennis Miller, Sandra Tsing Loh, kd lang, Andy Borowitz and Paul Krassner. He’s done several shows with The Pixies’ Frank Black, swapping songs in a solo acoustic setting. His up-to-the-moment topical songs… Read more

Todd Stiefel has been a cornerstone in the Rock Beyond Belief movement from the very beginning. Over 5 months ago Todd’s organization, the Stiefel Freethought Foundation, pledged $10,000 to make our event a reality. Todd has shared the stage with Richard Dawkins, and has spoken across the globe on behalf of the growing secular movement. We are proud to have him speak at our event. Todd Stiefel lives in Raleigh, NC. He is a secular humanist, an atheist and full-time… Read more

Fort Bragg has signaled that they are all but finalized with their approval of our event. We are eager to stop stringing along so many great guests for a pretty cool opportunity to speak on a military base. The extensive process of being approved necessitated this situation, and now that we seem to have locked in a date, we have lost two of our guests due to scheduling conflicts: Eugenie Scott, and MelodySheep. We sincerely thank each of them for… Read more

I was just contacted by Lauren Becker,VP and Director of Outreach of the illustrious Center For Inquiry. Many of you are probably familiar with CFI’s history of combating pseudoscience and its proponents. The Center for Inquiry, and its affiliates, the Committee for Skeptical Inquiry and the Council for Secular Humanism, also carry out their work through education, publishing, advocacy, and social services. Lauren offered to throw quite a bit of support our way, even getting us in direct contact with the aformentioned affiliate organizations. With a… Read more

This week will bring big news that will keep our all-volunteer staff busy for a while. It has been  nearly 5 months of learn-as-you-go grass roots activism that has paid off in spades. When we first approached several entities on Fort Bragg, we were how shall I say this? ‘Politely laughed away’. Now, when I walk into an office, I’m asked why I didn’t start planning this earlier! To which, I point out, “I had trouble getting by that guy… Read more

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