RBB hangs out with $10,000 donor, and an openly Atheist politician

Ten days ago (22 Dec 2010), most of the local Rock Beyond Belief crew met up with the Triangle Freethought Society. They were hosting Cecil Bothwell, an atheist whose recent election shook North Carolina’s religious community to the core (he won.) Not only did they play dirty during the campaign, sending out flyers and ‘nastygrams’ denouncing him as an evil atheist, they even attempted to interfere with his inaugruation to the Asheville City Council well after the election was settled…. Read more

Melodysheep – We Are All Connected

Melodysheep is the creative force behind the Symphony of Science series of music videos. This time around, he fashions together a piece about the interconnected nature of the very small and the very large. As usual, he uses the voices and words of famous modern scientists with clever auto-tune manipulation and catchy electronic music to spectacular effect. He writes: “We Are All Connected” was made from sampling Carl Sagan’s Cosmos, The History Channel’s Universe series, Richard Feynman’s 1983 interviews, Neil deGrasse… Read more

Foxhole Atheist Gets ‘A’ Tattoo for Christmas

I found a good way to spend some of the money that I would have spent on Christmas presents… Rock Beyond Belief’s upcoming festival at Fort Bragg draws a lot of inspiration from the Out Campaign, launched by Richard Dawkins. Via Out Campaign: The OUT Campaign allows individuals to let others know they are not alone. It can also be a nice way of opening a conversation and help to demolish the negative stereotypes of atheists. Let the world know that we are… Read more

Foxhole Atheist volunteers to take 24 hour duty on Christmas

In the U.S. Army, just about every unit has a headquarters of some sort. This headquarters must be manned at all times by at least two or more soldiers (depending on the building / unit). Typically, there is a rotating roster of soldiers that have to pull a 24 hour shift. Including Christmas Day. It just so happens that one of the more religious people in my unit, a devout Mormon with a large family, got selected for today’s shift…. Read more

‘Soldier Fitness Tracker’ Spiritual questions now available

Two days ago, when I broke the story about the Soldier Fitness Tracker survey, I had to paraphrase the ‘Spiritual’ questions from memory. My recollection was mostly spot on, but I couldn’t remember all of them. I was unable to retake the test myself, so I had no way to look them up word for word. As a consequence, a minor aspect of this story was transposed due to my paraphrasing. I previously listed:  “I feel connected to a being… Read more

Mandatory Army survey says atheists are unfit to be soldiers

I’m a bit furious about a mandatory survey that I just took. The survey, Soldier Fitness Tracker (SFT), measures individual soldier’s competency in four areas: Emotional, Social, Family, and Spiritual. As a foxhole atheist, I was a little annoyed at first, but I’ve learned that I’ve really got to pick my battles on some issues. This quickly turned into one of those issues. According to the SFT, I’m unfit to serve in the U.S. Army because I’m a non-believer. It… Read more

RBB interviewed by Frostcall: Former Christians, New Atheists.

Last week, I was interviewed by Tom and Wendy from Frostcall, an atheist podcast. Tom and Wendy met and fell in love in a pentecostal church.  Tom was raised an evangelical christian and planned to live his life serving god until he saw the light. After much study, he de-converted in 2007. Wendy, a registered nurse, remained a christian for another 2 years.  Finally, in 2009, Wendy became an atheist and in 2010, the two started the Frostcall podcast to share their… Read more

Melodysheep – A Glorious Dawn

Melodysheep is the creative force behind the Symphony of Science series of music videos. This was the first in the series. As usual, he uses the voices and words of famous modern scientists with clever auto-tune manipulation and catchy electronic music to spectacular effect. I really liked his treatment of Carl Sagan ‘attempting to sing a song’. I’m sure he would have been happy with the results. He writes: “My own musical tribute to two great men of science. Carl Sagan… Read more

Legendary Musician and Non-Believer John Lennon Died 30 Years Ago Today

At around 10:50 pm on 8 December 1980, as Lennon and Ono returned to their New York apartment in The Dakota, Mark David Chapman shot Lennon in the back four times at the entrance to the building.  Rushed to Roosevelt Hospital, Lennon was pronounced dead on arrival at 11:07 pm. His impact on music is unfathomable. His murder is one of the greatest injustices of all time, certainly the most tragic moment in music history. Lennon’s legend lives on through his timeless songs, and his outspoken… Read more

Evangelist Franklin Graham banned by the Army earlier this year, continues to host other events on Bases

On September 25th, Franklin brought his evangelical 7.5 hour long event to Fort Bragg. His stated goal was to convert as many soldiers and their spouses. Fort Bragg was far from the first location of the so-called “Rock the Fort” events. They’ve bragged about converting over 500 soldiers on stage at the same time at one event, and 123 at another last year. There is a lot more to this story, and we’ve written extensively about this here and Atheist… Read more

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