But But But You Guys! Biff DID THE RESEARCH! We’re Boned!

It’s quite a popular phrase encapsulating quite a popular trope in Christian testimonies, and it’s one I heard for the first time back in my teens. Today I’ll show you why it’s popular and what it really means–and thus why I simply can’t take it seriously. Read more

The Rights of Consumers in the Post-Christian Marketplace.

We’re going to look more closely at one important aspect of the spiritual marketplace: would-be Christian evangelists are salespeople, and the people they want to recruit into their various groups are, therefore, potential customers. Now, customers might not always be right, but we’ve got certain rights and privileges that these particular salespeople appear to have forgotten. Read more

Introduction to the Post-Christian Marketplace (at Fundagelical U)

Today I’ll show you how Christians could adapt to the changing reality of a post-Christian world–and what they’re doing instead of adapting. Read more

Lord Snow Presides… Over a “Love Quiz” that Mark Driscoll Fails Miserably. (#21)

I just can’t stop laughing today over Mark Driscoll’s current post. It’s about a Love Quiz that he presents to his readers that he himself could not pass in a million years. Today we’ll be fisking that quiz–with links demonstrating that Mark Driscoll himself is not qualified to tell anybody else how to be loving. Today Lord Snow Presides over Mark Driscoll and his hypocritical Love Quiz. Read more

The Love/Life Seminar and the Politics of Fixing People

Last time we covered what the seminar’s creators thought were the five levels of friendship and the fundagelical fixation on fixing their friends. I mentioned that the reality of fixing people didn’t look much like the rosy picture painted in that seminar. Today I want to expand on that idea. I’ll show you more about that rosy picture–and what the reality is behind that veneer. Read more

The Love/Life Principles Seminar: (Not) Making Friends and Influencing People.

Today I’ll show you what they mean by friendship itself: what a friend is and what a friend is responsible for doing. It’s not a pretty picture at all, but then, not much in fundagelical Christianity is once you peel back the veneer of pretty words. Read more

The Love/Life Principles Seminar and the Horrendous Friendship Kablooie.

If anything, we discover that the more extremist the flavor of Christianity is, the less effective and useful its teachings about anything will be–and in fundagelicalism especially, their social teachings actually backfire. Today I’ll show you how. Read more

Lord Snow Presides… over Friends Like These. (#20)

Christians’ biggest problem can be found looking at them in the bathroom mirror every morning. Mark Driscoll just reminds us of that fact every time he hits the publish button on the blog platform. Today we look at his problem with projection in Lord Snow Presides. Read more

That Time My Boyfriend Pulled a Sword on My Best Friend During the Christmas Pageant.

I wanted to give you the best Christmas present I could–and it’s one I’ve kept under my scarlet-red cowboy hat for four solid years and can’t keep there another moment. Today I want to give you the story of a Christmas pageant like none you’ve likely ever heard of. Read more

Joe Barton and Cargo Cult Excuses in the Broken System

I’ll show you what Joe Barton’s excuse is and how it illustrates his cargo-cult understanding of consent. To help us bring that point home, I’ve got some scans from that dating seminar too! It’s a Thanksgiving miracle! Read more

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