SCOTUS: Tony Perkins Has No Idea What End is Up, As Usual.

The ostracism of Themistocles in 482BCE. Boy, sometimes... (Credit: Sharon Mollerus, CC license.)

I had no idea Tony Perkins was as blitheringly ignorant, incredibly dense and intellectually dishonest as he is. Here are a few highlights of his rather dizzying thoughts from this rather excruciating interview. [Read more...]

Josh Duggar is Facing a Civil Lawsuit, and That’s a Big Problem (For Him).

This is called "God Left This Place." I could not agree more. (Credit: ThatGuyCalledDennis, CC license.)

Josh Duggar clearly didn’t differentiate between his sisters and any other vulnerable young girls in his power. This fifth girl–unrelated, but young and vulnerable enough to qualify as a victim for him–is the one who is bringing the lawsuit now. And that lawsuit is going to rip the Duggars’ carefully-crafted bubble wide open. Here’s why.
[Read more...]

Extremists Stop at Nothing: Transphobic and Anti-Vaxxer Edition.

They have a particular set of skills. (Credit: Georgia National Guard via Elizabeth Pearson, Operation Sandbox, and CC license.)

Tonight we’ll be talking about two sets of extremists, both alarmingly similar in strategy and both thankfully defeated recently. They share a tactic in common: they are targeting children now to force adults to do what they want. [Read more...]

I Don’t Think Anti-Gay Christians Really Trust Their God Much.

Yes please. Except not alien cats. (Credit: Rikki's Refuge, CC license.)

Taken to the nadir, religion can become a means that truly predatory, shameless people use to gain social control and dominance over others, nothing more, and it is used or deployed rather than practiced or believed; the folks doing this might act like zealots, but really what they are is frauds who’ve found an angle–a foolproof one. And that’s why this week I was struck anew by just how little these zealots appear to truly trust in their god. [Read more...]

How I Wish Christian Bigots Would Respond to the SCOTUS Decision.

Same Love. (Credit: Joshua M Hoover, CC license.)

Ever since the case was announced on the docket for this summer, fundagelicals have been praying their little hearts out that SCOTUS would decide against equal marriage. They’ve starved themselves and even agitated for and threatened civil war–all to deny same-sex couples the same rights they have. I guess it’s more practical than threatening people with meteor strikes or even as hilariously extreme as threatening to set themselves on fire, but it’s still all so histrionic. And despite their threats and their whining and their tantrums and their entreaties toward the ceiling, they still lost. [Read more...]

Heads in the Sand: Equal Marriage Edition (“We Lost This One”).

A mythical character comforts his partner. (Credit: Steven Depolo, "Gay Jesus Musical 12-18-09 13", CC license.)

There’s one part of the country that is not happy about the recent SCOTUS decision, and that would be the part of the country that has fought tooth and nail for decades to prevent this exact eventuality. I mean, of course, the Religious Right. [Read more...]

This Is Not a Good Week to Be A Science Denier.

Hallucigenia reconsturction. "Reconstruction of H. sparsa" by Source (WP:NFCC#4). Licensed under Fair use via Wikipedia.

Check out these new developments, and as you read it all, be thinking about the contortions someone would have to make if they need to make this stuff all fit into a Creationist worldview. [Read more...]

Left Behind: Where Dreams Finally Come True.

Not shown: the absolutely stunning number of TRUE CHRISTIANS™ who pilot the planes and control the towers. (Credit: Emran Kassim, CC license.) No word on whether the Au Bon Pain and Cinnabun people were taken or if they were godless heathens.

It’s a very ugly fantasy–the demonstration of a very broken psyche on display in the lewdest possible manner–and though the movie itself isn’t a critical masterpiece, seeing that fantasy marched across a screen for that runtime made me feel like I was reading some Nice Guy’s short story about his revenge on all those high school girls who rejected him long ago. It was that obvious and that disquieting to see this movie and think, “This is what they really think of us.” [Read more...]

The SBC Still Doesn’t Get Why Nobody Likes Them Anymore.

Actually a mime fortune-teller might be just what they need. (Credit: Ingy the Wingy, CC-NoDerivs license.) PS: I bet you thought metallic mimes were just some weird thing Hot Fuzz did.

Sometimes it’s hard to believe that a culture can be this blind to its own faults and problems, and yet here we are at another installment of “Heads in the Sand: Southern Baptist Edition.” [Read more...]

3 Reasons Why We Aren’t Shutting Up About the Duggar Abuse Scandal.

As strong as ice is, sooner or later it thaws when enough warmth shines down on it. (Credit: Morgan Paul, CC license.)

The Duggar abuse scandal continues to provide new twists and horrifying revelations. And through it all, we begin to see exactly why we have to talk about this case. [Read more...]