Ken Ham’s Bubble Maintenance.

Creationist charlatan and serial liar-for-Jesus Ken Ham did a little bubble maintenance this week, and I want to show you how and why he did it. [Read more…]

Agent Milo and the Case of the Useful Idiot.

I’ve noticed a great many people remarking upon the downfall of alt-right provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos and I wanted to mention something about why he rose and why he fell, because in it we find a cautionary tale for people who might be in a similar life situation without realizing it. [Read more…]

NOM: When Bad Guys Don’t Want to Be Bad Guys.

There’s this charming little moment in the 1983 animated masterpiece-of-nuttery Rock & Rule that really brings home just how far a villain will go to see him- or herself as anything but the bad guy. I found myself thinking of that moment this week when I heard about a recent news story that gave the world yet another reason to distrust and distance ourselves from Christians. [Read more…]

Sorry, Bible. Christians Just Aren’t That Into You.

I recently ran across this gobsmackingly self-deluded blog post from fundagelical group The Gospel Coalition (TGC) about why they think Christians don’t read their Bibles enough. It gave me such a fit of the giggles! After I recovered, I thought maybe I’d help them out a little by showing them why they really shouldn’t trust Christian surveys–and what the problem likely actually involves. [Read more…]

Changing Course in a Broken System.

Sometimes I see something happening in the real world and compare it to how things work in religion. That happened this week as I watched a drama unfold around a gaming company’s big new update to their flagship game. [Read more…]

The Handbook: What It’s Like to Roll to Disbelieve.

I thought that today–the most chocolate-y day of the year, so to speak–was a good day to bring everyone up to speed. I haven’t written about it in a long time and I’ve learned a lot since then. So today I want to show you what rolling to disbelieve is, and what it feels like to make your roll at last. [Read more…]

An Idaho Judge Shows Us Exactly Why and How Christian Morality Fails.

When Cody Herrera–who is accused of the rape of a 14-year-old girl–came before Judge Randy Stoker, he certainly got lucky. He was getting a paragon of Christian morality who knew exactly–EXACTLY–how to handle this situation. [Read more…]

Control-Lust, Fear, and False Prophets: The New Morality Is Already Stinking the Place Up.

In Christians’ prophecies, we can see the shape of the future Christians want–and hopefully, hopefully, hopefully, will never ever get. (Come for the fisking, stay for the Firefly memes. I was feeling super-snarky today.) [Read more…]

Clearly This Hypocritical Pastor’s Jesus Aura Was on Point.

Today we’re going to take a brief segue before we plunge into the murky world of Christian prognostication to check out a story that features all the aspects of fundagelicalism that we’ve come to know around here: blatant hypocrisy, illicit sex, and a denouement that is by turns horrifying and baffling. But there’s more going on here than just standard-issue Christian hypocrisy. This story is part of the overarching narrative about exactly why Christianity is failing. [Read more…]

The Comfort of the Failed Sales Pitch.

There’s always a reason, in religion, for the stuff we see religious people doing. It might not be a great reason, no, but there’s always one there somewhere. Sometimes there are even several. Nowhere is that rule more in evidence than when we consider how terrible Christians are at selling their religion to others. [Read more…]