5 Reasons Why Christian Apology Campaigns Fail.

This is probably as close to "sorry" as a tuxedo cat ever gets. Seem familiar? ("The Cat Is Not Open Right Now, Sorry." Credit: Romana Klee, CC license.)

We’ve talked off and on in the past about various Christian “apology” movements, wherein earnest Christians apologize for some particular mistreatment or offense Christians as a whole may have given others. Today I want to talk a little about why these campaigns are so beloved by Christians, but so absolutely ineffectual in impact. [Read more...]

Hunting For What We Want to Hear.

Time to call the support line. (Credit: Jason Rogers, CC license. Though he's already said he edited both the owed amount and his digits, I prefer to black out anything that looks personally-identifiable.)

We’ve been talking recently about Christians’ hilarious guesses about why people are leaving their ranks in comments across this blog, and it reminded me of something. [Read more...]

Church Marketing Sucks: No, It’s a Religion, Yes, Christians Follow the Bible, and Yes, That Is Totally A Church.

Angels are apparently kind of, um, cute. (Credit: Allan Ferguson, CC license.) This is an ad from yet another group of "more hardcore than thou" Christians downgrading other Christians to make themselves look better. They're not like all those other Christians "driven by dogma and creed," oh no!

I was reading this funny site that gathers “horror stories” from Christians about really awful church experiences they’ve had and realizing that quite a lot of Christian marketing isn’t very well thought-through. Not much says “churches are businesses like any other” quite like the amazing and extensive variety of resources available to Christians wishing to promote [Read More...]

Three Questions That Destroy Bigoted County Clerks’ Charade.

Sometimes it's best just to ignore some people. (Credit: Fabienne D, CC license.)

But I saw an image not long ago that really put things into perspective for me. It asks one of those questions that, once I’d seen it asked, made it impossible for me to see this issue of disobedient county clerks in any other way other than them behaving as petulant bullies. [Read more...]

Lying for Jesus, Audaciously.

Long ago, in Rome, citizens made their displeasure known to their leaders by use of, among other things, "talking statues"--for many centuries, they've been plastering critical notes, poetry, and tirades to the base of these statues. Now we have to make do with Reddit. (Credit: "Pasquino 1" by Lalupa - Own work. Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons.)

I’m just going to warn you now: stuff like we’re about to discuss today is exactly why a certain Christian apologist is now the subject of an erotic e-novel involving a crocoduck. [Read more...]

Hypocrisy: A Feature, Not a Bug.

PARRRR-TAY! (Credit: Ryan C, CC license.)

Recently I made an offhand comment about how I saw hypocrisy in religion as not a bug or a glitch in the ideology, but a feature of it. Today I want to expand on that idea a little more because I caught myself by surprise there and realized that it’s important. I began thinking about gaming, and how games are structured around features and bugs. So yes: today is a gaming post! [Read more...]

Why Christians Are Cruel to Non-Believers.

One can hardly look away from the inevitable. (Credit: Jonathan Leung, CC license.) Incidentally, the ship pictured is labeled as the Sunrise Orient, so if that's true then rest easy: nobody was hurt and everyone aboard was rescued with no reports of injuries.

Another day, another example of soul-crushing cruelty perpetrated by a Christian against his or her own flesh and blood. It’s so exhausting. So infuriating. So totally unnecessary. And so obviously a sign of the beginning of the end for a religion that dearly deserves everything coming to it now. [Read more...]

“Left Behind”‘s Grand Disguise.

Yep, back in the good old days, if we wanted to have a scene of an airplane plowing through an airport terminal's windows, we had to take a real live airplane and plow it into a terminal. (Credit: Pete, CC license.)

This reboot of Left Behind is actually an imitation of a bog-standard disaster-on-a-plane movie.

But even in its attempt to slavishly imitate a specific genre of movies Americans got tired of in the 1980s, it couldn’t come anywhere near the quality and enjoyability of another take on the genre: 1980′s Airplane. [Read more...]

Judging Hypocrites.

"Hey, you." (Credit: Quinn Dombrowski, CC license.)

I’ve been talking about Christian hypocrites for years, so I already knew that Christians like to demand that we not “judge” their hypocrites despite they themselves being, well, the most judgmental people on the planet. Well, I’ve finally decoded this bit of Christianese. [Read more...]

The Handbook: Videos For Ex-Christians (and Christians Teetering on the Edge).

Every full bucket starts here. (Credit: LadyDragonflyCC - >;

Sometimes it’s easier to pop on a video or video series than it is to crack open a book–and lately I’ve heard a few folks asking for suggestions along these lines. If you fall into that category of folks, you’ll be happy to know that in the realm of ex-Christianity, there are plenty of videos to watch! [Read more...]