The Shack: A Land Where Dreams Come True.

The Shack is one of a very long line of Christian glurge media that recreates reality for believers, giving them the thrill of “seeing” their beliefs mesh at last with the real world. But for everyone else, stories like this one simply make the religion sound worse. [Read more…]

Christian Opportunism in Action.

In comments last time we met up, we learned about yet another set of those guesses, all presented as amazing new ideas that would totally work to convert people without backfiring and making evangelicals look like pickup-artist creeps. [Read more…]

Evangelical Churn: A Tidal Wave of False Reasons.

Sometimes we’re surrounded by something before we realize just how much of it there is. That happened to me today: I suddenly noticed just how many Christians there are who have firm ideas about why people–especially younger people–are leaving their churches. Those ideas tend to run along one of two lines, and both of those lines are totally wrong. [Read more…]

Lord Snow Presides #3: The Backlash Against the Internet Begins in Earnest.

I’ve seen pastors try off and on to stop their congregants from accessing the internet, but this new book that just came out, What Falls from the Sky, really takes the cake on that score. [Read more…]

The Poison of Undeserved Power.

As part of finding our own internal validation and becoming our own support network, one of the first things we have to do is take back the personal power we’ve given away. Especially if that Christian was tangled up with one of the really authoritarian groups in the religion, this step can be one of the hardest we’ll ever take on our way toward deconversion. [Read more…]

Leaving the Validation Carousel.

Things happen in your head the day you successfully make the switch from craving external validation to finding internal validation. But Christian organizations benefit from people needing external validation–and do their best to demonize the idea of internal validation. There’s a reason for it, of course, and we’ll talk about that reason today. [Read more…]

When the Question Isn’t “Are They Hateful?” But Rather “Are They Hateful ENOUGH?”

Russell Moore, one of the current presidents of the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC), is discovering what life is like for people who dissent from the tribe’s opinions–and I don’t think he likes it. Today we’ll see that schadenfreude is a dish best served with a side order of birth-control pills. [Read more…]

Lord Snow Presides #2: Dylan Thomas’ Voices.

Lord Snow says it’s time for an off-topic chat post! I’ve been reading this play/radio show thing this morning, “Under Milk Wood,” and it’s just enchanting to me. I just found out it’s got a movie adaptation and I guess my afternoon is booked solid now. Hope your day is proceeding apace. See you tomorrow [Read More…]

Christian Dating Hits a New Low: “It Takes a Church.”

I’ve written before about how bad it is in Christian churches for single people seeking marriage. But I guess I hadn’t quite counted on the reality show It Takes a Church to show me just how bad the situation has gotten. [Read more…]

All We Have Is Love.

It’s ironic that my last post was about how precious life is, and about how much what we do matters in this life because this life is all we get. An hour or so ago, right as I sat down to write a post today, I got word that my father had passed away. [Read more…]