Republicans are Becoming Team Disenfranchisement This Season, Too.

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Last time we talked, we were discussing Republicans’ bizarre and grotesque view of rape as just “another form of conception,” leading to their attempt to force women to gestate against their wills any pregnancies that result. Today I’ll show you just how far this regressive worldview gets. (You didn’t think it just extended to destroying women’s bodily liberties, did you? Oh, no. The rabbit hole beckons yonder, and it goes deeeeeeeeeep….) [Read more...]

Republicans Are Becoming Team Rape Again This Season.

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Last election season, Republicans got into a lot of trouble over their constant harping about how they wanted to force rape victims to gestate any pregnancies resulting from the assaults upon them. History is repeating itself, and I strongly suspect that there’s actually a reason why Republicans simply cannot let go of this obsession of theirs with forcing women to endure pregnancies conceived by rape. [Read more...]

Upon My 20-Umpteenth Year of Apostasy: A Word About Authenticity.

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I just realized that I’ve now been out of Christianity for longer than I was in it. That may sound like an odd way to conceptualize things, but I’ve been doing it for a while about various unpleasant people and subjects. It makes me feel good to know there’s that much distance between me and whatever it was that bothered or hurt me, and my time in fundagelical Christianity definitely counts as something that hurt and bothered me! One of the best outcomes of that deconversion was finally being able to live more authentically–and today we’ll be talking about how that happy change came about. [Read more...]

A Shell Game Played With Christian Predators.

Where could the ball be? (Credit: By Hieronymus Bosch (circa 1450–1516) and workshop - Web Gallery of Art:   Image  Info about artwork, Public Domain,">.)

Christian leaders have a terrible problem on their hands, and it’s only getting worse every day: what to do with the mounting numbers of increasingly-visible abusers and predators cropping up in their broken system. Today we’ll examine why this problem exists, how they’re trying to deal with it, and why those efforts are failing so dramatically. [Read more...]

Christian Myth #5,921,347: “The Gospel Does Not Need Trickery.”

The restaurant in question probably did not look like this, but WOW. How could I not? (Credit: the inestimably kind and talented Dennis Jarvis, under

Christian mythology is filled with absolutely stunning examples of bizarre reasoning, and today we’re talking about one of the very worst examples of the breed: the idea that its claims are very easily proven true using credible, reasonable, rational arguments and observations, and therefore don’t need any kind of dishonest tactics to shore those claims up or support them, so Christians don’t need to lie or misrepresent anything about their religion in order to persuade others. This idea is not only a myth but an especially toxic and harmful one to both believers and those around them. [Read more...]

Donald Trump and His Fans Viciously Attack Megyn Kelly, Accidentally Demonstrating Why Christianity is Failing So Hard.

A proper feast for... jackals. They're not crows, but they'll do. (Credit: Jean & Nathalle, CC license.)

From comes this story of yet another incident involving Donald Trump and his supporters abusing someone. This story illustrates the rage of right-wing Christians about their rapidly-mounting losses in the public sphere, but also their certain collapse of power. And in the latest little drama-fest he’s provoked by skipping the debate, this seems like a good time to examine that rage and what it is doing to others–and what it demonstrates to us about a religion that is failing fast. [Read more...]

The Predators in Plain Sight (in a Broken System).

They do camouflauge well, don't they? (Credit: peupleloup, CC-SA license.)

It seems like there is a never-ending litany of miserable stories about abusers, predators, and scam artists lurking around Christian churches. If I wanted to write one of those blogs that concerned itself chiefly with exposing and discussing these people, I’d have to seriously step up my schedule–because there are that many stories, and each is more nauseating and horrifying than the last. But for some strange reason, Christian churches rarely engage with the problem they’ve created for themselves and perpetuate through their cultural practices and beliefs, and today I’ll touch on why that might be. [Read more...]

The Handbook: The Magic Christian (Doesn’t Exist).

Everything you need to know about life, you can apparently learn from golf. (Credit: New Brunswick Tourism, CC license.)

Christians often pull out the stops when they discover that one of us has left the fold. Everything but the kitchen sink gets thrown at us to read, watch, or listen to. We get invited to “casual dinners” that turn into full-blown interventions. We can’t even visit a friend’s house without discovering a church friend there to try once more to “just talk to us” to “make sure we’ve really thought about this.” And then, once we think we’ve weathered all of it, along comes just one more Christian into the fray, often totally convinced that “God” told him or her to say some particular thing to us. [Read more...]

The Message is Not Perfect (In a Broken System).

Well, something went horribly wrong here. (Credit: KOMUnews, CC license.)

Today we’re going to look at Christianity as a social system to see why people might be unable to get the results from following it that its adherents promise they should get. [Read more...]

Donald Trump, Bloom County, and the Short, Self-Serving Memory of the Religious Right.

ACKPHFT! (Credit: JD Hancock, CC license.)

I was recently reminded of just how self-serving and short right-wing Christians’ memories are, and it happened right when we’ve been talking about the nature of power in broken social systems. [Read more...]