A Match Made in Hell for People to Be “Loved.”

Preston Sprinkle, in his book People to Be Loved, expresses some truly atrocious ideas. Arguably the most offensive of the lot is his suggestion that gay people should marry straight people. Today I’ll show you why he thinks that’d be a great idea, and why he’s wrong. [Read more…]

The Adventures of Thom Rainer and the Strawman.

Normally you’d think that inaccuracies in Christians’ perception of others is just their problem. But their cultural flaws have a tendency of creating headaches for other people, too, not just for themselves. While they’re making strawmen about non-Christians and wrestling with their fictional creations, they’re getting an entirely wrong idea of what we’re really like and why we reject their claims and sales attempts. Today I want to talk about why Christians misrepresent us so often. [Read more…]

Joshua Harris Wants to Know if Anyone Was Hurt By His Book.

Josh Harris is one of the scions of the homeschooling and courtship fringes of the Christian Patriarchy movement. He wrote one of the single most destructive books ever published on the topic of evangelical Christian relationships. And he’s got an announcement. [Read more…]

Praying Away the Gay for People to Be “Loved.”

In his book People to Be Loved, Preston Sprinkle presents two-and-a-half options for gay people. Today we’ll be talking about one of those options. Well, half of one, anyway. And we’ll be debunking it hopefully well enough for even die-hard fundagelicals to understand why people outside their bubble condemn it so unequivocally. [Read more…]

Through a Bubble, Darkly: 7 Things I Wish I Could Get Through To Thom Rainer.

We’ve been talking lately about how, when Christians write about non-Christians, they often end up with a picture that doesn’t look terribly familiar to us–but which looks remarkably like the image of us that Christian culture paints. Today I want to dissect that picture. [Read more…]

The Reframing Game in “People to Be Loved.”

Using very positive language to describe a very negative situation or feeling is a tactic at least as old as Christianity itself. People who have power use this sort of language to make the powerless folks they (want to) control more comfortable with being controlled–and to sell a product that nobody in their right mind would ever want to buy if its nature were accurately described. It is at its heart a very, very Christian form of dishonesty. [Read more…]

Having No Ears to Hear the People to Be “Loved.”

There’s a huge, huge difference between listening to someone and really hearing them. Today I’ll show you what I mean, how to tell when someone has no ears to hear what you have to say, and how Christians like Preston Sprinkle are being dishonest with the people they are pretending to love. [Read more…]

We Can Do Better Than This Racism Crap.

If you’ve been following the latest feud in the atheist community between “The Amazing Atheist” and Patheos blogger Martin Hughes of BarrierBreaker, then you likely won’t be surprised to learn that I’m adding my voice to the growing number of people saying that racists do not speak for them. Today I want to talk about what’s happened, and why I’m weighing in. [Read more…]

Trading Passion for Glory: Good News in the Trenches of the Christian Culture War.

I’m not sure it’s ever a great week to be a fundagelical bigot-for-Jesus lately, but this has been a particularly bad week for that crowd. [Read more…]

A Cold First Option for People to Be “Loved.”

We’ve been talking for a while now about right-wing Christians’ culture war against LGBTQ people, using Preston Sprinkle’s new advice book People to be Loved as a starting-off point. I’ve alluded a few times to the life script options that Dr. Sprinkle has generously allocated for gay people in order for them to be acceptable to him–er, to his god–and today I want to touch on one of them. [Read more…]