The CBMW and the Hills They Die On.

Today I want to look more closely at why the CBMW chose to rally around this particular set of declarations, because that question tells us everything we need to know about that whole end of Christianity–as well as its end. Read more

The Nashville Statement: A Blueprint for Failure.

This re-issuing of already-well-known platforms won’t surprise anybody who’s been around evangelicals for longer than three minutes. But in its release, its timing, and its true purpose, we see something important happening to Christianity as a whole–and in American culture too. Read more

Evangelical Churn: Why Christian Leaders’ Orders Never Change

It took Christian leaders some time to recognize that yes indeed, they were facing not just a temporary situation, but rather a serious and devastating long-term decline in membership and cultural clout. They’ve finally come to a widespread recognition of the problem. They still don’t quite know why it’s happening, though–much less what they can do to reverse it. I’ll show you their main stopgap solution today–and even better, I’ll show you why it absolutely will not work. Read more

LSP #14: Mark Driscoll’s Big Priorities, and Also Demons.

Today Lord Snow presides… over Mark Driscoll and his weird priorities. And demons. Can’t forget the demons. Read more

What Ketchup Meringue Should Tell Christians About Ken Ham (But Won’t)

His suggestion is hilariously bad, by which I mean that it’s so inept and obviously self-serving that it’s had me chuckling at odd moments ever since it was brought up. I’ll show you what it is today and why it reminded me of a ketchup meringue recipe from the 1950s. Read more

Testimonies: What They Are, Why They Don’t Work, and Why Christians Can’t Quit Them

Today I’ll show you why testimonies always follow one specific form, why they don’t work as advertised, and why Christians still can’t quit them. Read more

Dissection of a Soulwinner

One of the funniest Christian screeds I’ve ever seen was one that I ran across randomly earlier this week. It comes to us from an Australian Christian named Grantley Morris. I’ve never heard of him and you probably haven’t either. His vanity site is full of equally wacky stuff, but his Soul-winning Tips: Witnessing Made Easy easily takes the cake for ridiculosity. Read more

LSP #13: He is the Very Model of a Modern Evangelical.

Last week, Mark Driscoll arrived to the Evangelical channel. And he’s clearly hoping everyone has long forgotten about all the terrible things he’s done that should, and would in any decent group of people, utterly disqualify him forever from holding any kind of leadership position ever again. Read more

ACE Really Is That Bad. (Also Announcing a New Series!)

Jonny Scaramanga has co-written a peer-reviewed paper that examines ACE and finds it wanting in many key respects. So it’s not our imaginations–ACE really is just as bad as we thought. Read more

Conditional Acceptance and Bigotry-for-Jesus.

Christians use something called conditional acceptance to try to maintain control over a culture that is slipping out of their grasp more quickly with every passing day. I wanted to talk more about that paper today, because I’ve been noticing for a while that Christians sure do this a lot–and it’s very far from their stated goal of loving humanity. Read more

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