FULL KITTEN UPDATE: The Power of the Force.

I came out of that theater knowing that the Force was a more awesome power than all the planet-killing space stations one could construct or command. Then two kittens entered my life and showed me what real destructiveness looked like. [Read more…]

My Mother’s Dress.

Clothes fascinate me. They’re a powerful sign of our own personal individuality and a statement about how we view ourselves, our place in whatever tribe we call our own, and what aspirations and opinions we hold. Ever since I was a teenager, I’ve been fascinated with the subject. Weirdly, until recently I wasn’t much for modern fashion itself, but the everyday clothes that people choose and wear is something I could talk about all day long. In my case, the sartorial apple didn’t fall too far from the tree. Today I’ll show you how. [Read more…]

Evangelical Churn and the Chain of Pain.

As the religion becomes more and more extremist and polarized, we’ll be seeing more and more people damaged by it. Christianity–especially the right-wing versions of it–has managed to press into its adherents’ lives one of the cruelest and most heartless deceptions imaginable, and those adherents’ innocent children are the ones paying the price. [Read more…]

The Defections of the Young.

Today we’ll be talking about the increasingly-frantic attempts fundagelicals are making to understand and address the ever-increasing defections of young people from their ranks, and why those attempts are doomed to fail. [Read more…]

Church Churn and Evangelical Idolatry.

Unfortunately, they’re trying to address it in possibly the worst way they could. And a lot of the reason for this bizarre reaction has to do with their idolatry around their religion’s message. Today we’ll talk about evangelicalism’s message, the idolatry around it, and why so many Christians can’t seem to respond to people’s rejection of their idolized message in any way that seems constructive or helpful to their stated goals. [Read more…]

Tony Waller and the Cruel Dilemma.

Do you folks remember Anthony Waller? He’s a youth pastor I discussed about a year ago who got caught with a lot of child pornography on his computer. At the time, I considered his story to be yet another entry in the ever-growing list of ways that Christianity is failing its own young people. There are some noteworthy updates to the tale that I want to briefly touch on today. [Read more…]

Possibly the Worst Reaction Christians Could Have to the Churn in Their Churches.

Christianity is a business, and like most businesses nowadays, its leaders are concerned about the acquisition and retention of customers. Today we’ll be talking about one of the most pressing concerns Christianity faces as its business falters–their churn rate. [Read more…]

HB2: A Strangely Incomplete Crusade.

Today I want to look at one group that right-wing Christians routinely ignore when pursuing their agenda of stoking fear and increasing distrust of innocent people. This ignorance reveals much about exactly why they are persecuting trans people. But as we’ll see, their incomplete crusade will still have devastating results if it’s not stopped. [Read more…]

HB2: The Real Bathroom Panic That Right-Wing Christians Are Totally Ignoring.

Because I’m enormously helpful, I thought I’d help all those Christian bigots-for-Jesus understand why their current “bathroom panic” over transgender people is so ridiculous. Namely, I’m going to let them know what they really should be afraid of, and what the rest of us are actually afraid of when it comes to public restrooms. And I’ll give specific examples of what I’m talking about, unlike anything they can do. [Read more…]

HB 2: Louie Gohmert’s Lie, and What It Reveals.

Louie Gohmert just told a lie. It’s an important lie because it reveals a lot about his mindset and how he and his tribe think, and so it’s one I want to examine today. People’s lies tell us a lot about them–including stuff that they shouldn’t, under any circumstances, want us to know. Louie Gohmert’s lie is no different. [Read more…]