See, faith-for-no-good-reason doesn’t really exist. People who believe things that aren’t true actually have reasons for believing. They’re just not really compelling reasons to people who don’t share the same worldview. I’ll show you what I mean today–and why it’s important to sift through to those real reasons, even if it’s just about our own beliefs. Read more

People use two very different definitions of the word faith. As you can guess, those meanings are very nearly opposites! And Christians happily slide between those two meanings all the time. I’ll blow the lid off this sketchiness and show you how it’s done. Read more

Idaho seems dead-set on becoming America’s most regressive state. This past decade, they’ve been fighting states like Indiana and Kentucky for a position at the bottom of every ranking of functionality that a society can possibly have. So I’m about ready to hear about an epic WIN, aren’t you? Today Lord Snow Presides over love winning, again. Read more

By far the biggest dishonesty Stan Gudmundson commits in his LTTE centers on what he claims constitute PROOF YES PROOF of his various claims. Today I want to examine those claims–and to show you why Christians like them. Read more

Hemant Mehta recently found what he’s calling “the worst attempt at converting atheists [he’s] ever seen.” I’m not sure it’s the worst worst, but it’s definitely bad. He already did a great job covering the highlights, but I wanted to show you how this essay fits in with Christian evangelism. We’re deep into the culture wars now, and today’s special guest thinks he’s one of its emissaries. Read more

We couldn’t hope to find a more Christianese phrase than the odious earning the right to speak. If you wondered what the phrase means, you’re not alone! Not even Christians really understand how to do it. Here’s the skinny, and–more importantly–why the idea falls flat on its face. Read more

Leia knew that controllers only speak one language, that of control. That, literally, is what they seek and what they try their best to maintain. When problems arise, they always involve threats to their control. And solutions always look to them like finding more–and more effective–means of control. Read more

A line’s determined by two points, so I reckon we’ve found a new trend. His end of Christianity might have come to the Satanic Panic too late for the dancing, but they arrived eventually. So today we welcome Benedict Atkins to the Cult of “Before” Stories! Read more

Fundagelicals responded to their religion’s decline almost immediately, at least on a subconscious level. They sprang into immediate action doing what they’ve always done. By this I mean they blamed others and drilled down extra-hard on all their worst beliefs. But the blame game doesn’t work as well as they keep hoping it will. Today, we follow that old film adage, cherchez la femme, to see why so much hate is pouring down upon the women who form the bedrock of modern American Christianity. Read more

If a Christian wants to successfully recruit new people to join Christianity, they quickly discover how difficult that task can be! And there was a time when an utterly-failed system setup didn’t matter so much. But now their system’s inability to deliver on its stated goals for recruitment has begun to matter. I’ll show you why today. Read more

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