Robert Fisher: Instant Enlightenment NOT Found Here.

My ex-C friends are reeling–as they should be–at the news that a recent Republican scandal hit a little close to home this past week. To me, the story illustrates one of this blog’s primary messages: that deconversion doesn’t actually instantly confer enlightenment or wisdom upon anybody. [Read more…]

Preston Sprinkle Still Doesn’t Get It.

So Preston Sprinkle went into the overflowing hopper of Christians Who Think They’re Saying Something New and Exciting But Aren’t, and we all moved on. Then around Easter I caught wind of him proudly announcing that he’d written some more stuff on the subject and done a podcast or something, and I found myself groaning inwardly. [Read more…]

Lord Snow Declares: Blessed Are the Cheesemakers. (LSP #6)

You have to wonder who the first person was to soak a bit of baby-animal-stomach in milk to make it form curds and then go, I’m gonna totally eat that. [Read more…]

The Tell-Tale Heart of #ThingsOnlyChristianWomenHear.

I was even more interested in the responses to the stuff women are sharing on #ThingsOnlyChristianWomenHear. These responses reveal a lot about the religion and its direction–and why it is failing so fast and so hard. They are the reaction to a tell-tale heart in hashtag form. [Read more…]

The Power of Good Rituals.

Yesterday I found myself attending to an age-old ritual that actually works, and I was thinking about how different my experience with it was from the ones I performed as a Christian. It starts with bacon, as most wondrous things do in my world. [Read more…]

Stages of Grief at the End of Apologetics.

I’ve been coming into contact with a lot of different ideas about apologetics itself as a field. One of the more intriguing of those ideas comes from Myron Penner, a Christian who wrote a book called The End of Apologetics. He did an interview with a blogger when the book came out, and the reactions to that interview were so fascinating that I wanted to show them to you. [Read more…]

Ed Stetzer’s Written an Easter Post and It’s Amazingly Bad.

In the grand tradition of glurge, his post not only fails spectacularly to persuade those who don’t already buy into the ideas contained therein, but it also says some really awful things about those ideas that the writer doesn’t realize are being communicated. [Read more…]

Jesus Sure Changes People: Douglas Wilson Edition.

You can see the divine Jesus Aura illuminating this man’s life and see for yourself how amazingly transformed he’s been by the love of his god. Friends, marvel as I present to you: Douglas Wilson, the TRUE CHRISTIAN™ who’ll change your mind about the effectiveness of fundagelical doctrines. [Read more…]

Robert Bentley is (What Passes For) Big Game Now.

One Christian minister rationalized the whole fiasco by claiming that Satan himself had gone a-hunting for this hapless TRUE CHRISTIAN™ politician. I wanted to focus more on that statement today, because I think it’s a sign of the major error in Christian thinking. [Read more…]

The Luv Guv and the Broken System.

Robert Bentley’s case reminds us anew that once someone in a broken system gets a little taste of power, all the rules stop mattering. [Read more…]