How Christians Lied to Me About Life Without Christianity.

I can see why Christians have all sorts of untrue notions about life outside their religion, and this is one of the most untrue and the most game-changing of all the untrue things they believe and teach. In short, Christians flat-out lied to me about what life was like after I deconverted, and I’ll show you how–and why–they did it. Read more

Roy Moore and How His Excuses Fail.

Roy Moore was simply acting out the fantasies of every red-blooded Southern fundagelical man–and now he’s getting criticized for what many men in his culture would see as livin’ the dream. He’s had a succession of lame excuses for his behavior, too, and he’s clearly just as outraged that these excuses are, themselves, being demolished far and wide. I’ll show you what his excuses are, how they fit into his culture, and why we are perfectly justified in rejecting them. Read more

A “Second Glance” at the Subculture That Produced Roy Moore.

When the accusations began flowing against bigot-for-Jesus Roy Moore, that movie showed us exactly why Roy Moore almost certainly committed the crimes he is accused of committing. In this movie, we see the beginnings–the roots, if you will–of the worldview that has brought Christians in that end of the religion to a place where they enthusiastically support someone who routinely preyed upon underage girls. I’ll show you those roots today, and why they inevitably lead to such abuse. Read more

Lord Snow Presides… Over Mark Driscoll’s Bad Advice About Marriage. (#18)

Mark Driscoll’s blog has been a treasure trove lately, as he struggles to resolve one of his religion’s greatest failings: its defective and faulty teachings about marriage. One can see why half his his blog appears to be composed of advice regarding marriage–Christians labor under a divorce rate that screams out the truth about their religion’s poor teachings, and the further right into the religion one progresses the worse marriages get and the more acrimonious and frequent the divorces seem to be. Mark Driscoll happens to stand way to the right in his religion, so one can easily excuse him for being thus concerned. Today Lord Snow Presides…. over Mark Driscoll’s terrible not-good ineffective guaranteed-to-fail marriage advice. Read more

Roy Moore and the Real Virtues of a Broken System

Roy Moore is someone who benefits from reaching the top of the ladder of a dysfunctional system that is possibly one of the worst out there. He does it by embodying his tribe’s virtues to the letter. I’ll show you what I mean by that–and what his system’s real virtues actually are. Worse, I’ll show you how Roy Moore may well have himself a lucrative career in politics thanks to how his broken system works. Read more

Another Day, Another TRUE CHRISTIAN™ Hypocrite.

In the lifetime of this blog, we’ve talked often about how hypocritical the most fervent Christians always turn out to be. We’ve established many times that hypocrisy isn’t a fluke or aberration of the religion but an absolutely inevitable outcome of its various teachings. In the wake of some absolutely explosive new allegations against one of Christianity’s most valiant culture warriors, we turn our attention once again to this simple fact. Read more

The “Second Glance” Mega-Review!

Come with me to a land of 80s hair, mom jeans, and polo shirts, of house parties that are basically one step rowdier than a Jenga competition, and a pouty, petulant, whinybutt of a hero who catches his god’s attention at a very important moment. Read more

The Second Glance Pre-Review Kickoff!

We’re gonna be firing off the Christian movie Second Glance soon, so I wanted to do our usual pre-game kickoff to set up parameters, talk about the movie itself and its setting, and all that fun stuff I won’t have time to talk about while watching it. And wow, what a lot of stuff to mention up front. Read more

Lord Snow Presides…. Over the Zombie Curse on Mark Driscoll. (#17)

Hey, Mark Driscoll is not a professional writer or speaker or anything. He’s not used to communicating for a living. So we shouldn’t hold it against him that it’s taken him a solid month to remember that if he’s going to pretend that people are asking him questions, then he needs to make it easy for these theoretical people to communicate with him. Read more

Leadership 101 at Fundagelical University

Who here is a first-semester freshman? Raise your hands…. Okay, so almost all of you. Good. I’m passing out stuff you’ll need to know–a syllabus, my test and essay schedule, and a campus map so you can find the bookstore. We keep it on the third basement floor of the Student Life Center behind the tiger pit. Be sure you wear running shoes when you go. Read more

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