A Jack Chick Retrospective.

In a way, it’s more important to understand Jack Chick’s role in shaping right-wing Christian culture than it is to understand Jimmy Swaggart’s contribution to the mindset. For good or ill, Jack Chick was modern American fundagelicalism. I’ll show you what I mean by that today. [Read more…]

FULL KITTEN UPDATE: Sunrise, Sunset.

Bumble and his littermate Bother are a year old now, and every single day they remind me of how much energy I no longer have. [Read more…]

Evangelical Churn: A Coldly-Furnished Table.

The other day I ran across this fascinating piece about Donald Trump and it lit a lightbulb over my head like I was in a cartoon. It was about the difference between bullshit and lies, and it perfectly illustrates what’s so adrift about modern American evangelicalism. [Read more…]

Recasting the Movie: Dietrich Bonhoeffer Edition.

Today, we’ll look at how a dead German philosopher came into a resurgence of popularity–only to play an unexpected role in the Christian Right’s ongoing love affair with its own ego. [Read more…]

Dueling Decals Reveal Why Forgiveness Fails.

If you hang out on Twitter, you might have seen a peculiar decal making the rounds: a stylized rainbow man embracing a stylized man printed with the Confederate flag. Beneath the figures is the slogan “FORGIVENESS 2016.” Variants of the figures (some quite inventive) and comments on them have been making the rounds extensively, mostly in a mocking way. This mockery is well-deserved, because it’s not time for forgiveness yet. [Read more…]

Paul Ryan Doesn’t Understand: Reverence IS Objectification.

Members of the Christian Right may not realize this, but objectification takes at least two forms. Donald Trump is expressing the most obvious and direct form of it. But his Christian critics are, themselves, expressing the other form of it without even realizing they’re doing it–or why. [Read more…]

Election 2016: Trump’s Plaintive Question.

Donald Trump may well have simply given up on this election. One can only hope. But he asked a question today during a speech that reveals much about his mindset and worldview–and where he sees himself in relation to other people. [Read more…]

Election 2016: Voting on Pizza or Murder for Dinner.

I don’t think anything else that I’ve seen lately better encapsulates the problem with this election cycle. Even if/when Hillary Clinton wins, as does indeed look more and more like an inevitability, America has a very big problem on its hands. [Read more…]

Election 2016: The Cult of Ideological Purity, Backfiring.

The whole reason that Trump came to power was that he tapped into the roaring, blazing rage of the Religious Right, and now the whole reason he is falling is that the Religious Right simply doesn’t hold the power that it once claimed. But the kind of people who still support him are also the kind of people who take a little longer to see the writing on the wall when there’s been a massive sea change in circumstances. Weirdly enough, the same attempted justification is being used by both his supporters and the defectors from his banner. It backfires both times. [Read more…]

Election 2016: Why Billy Bush’s Dog Won’t Hunt.

Fundagelicals and Republicans alike went into full damage-control mode the second this tape surfaced. They rightly sensed what a complete, unmitigated disaster it represented for their standard-bearer–and their own image. And as they panicked, so did Billy Bush. Remember, though he comes from a very religious family, he’s not terribly fervent. But Donald Trump’s supporters sure are. So both his and their responses are going to look very familiar. [Read more…]