The September 23rd Endtimes Scare and the Problem with Wingnuts.

This Endtimes scare has gotten quite a lot of pushback from actual astronomers–and from some big names in Christianity as well. We were mainly looking at the real-world pushback against the prediction last time, and today I want to look at one Christian leader’s pushback to it. Indeed, this scare illustrates a very serious problem in Christianity: the difficulty Christians have in reining in their own wingnuts. Read more

Another World, Another Time: The Dark Crystal Returns

Join me for a rabbit-hole trip to the land of the Dark Crystal–and a look at why this newest prophecy of doom is, well, doomed to failure, just like all the other ones Christians have ever made. Read more

More Bad News for Christianity: The PRRI Survey

The 2017 PRRI study, America’s Changing Religious Identity, has brought the religion’s leaders yet more bad news. And their response has been predictable. Read more

The Day I Met a Pagan Fundie.

But there was this one incident that really brought home to me that no religion is immune to weirdos, and it didn’t take long to figure out why. This is how I converted to paganism–and then met someone who exemplified a mindset I thought I’d left way behind me, causing me to abandon religion altogether. Read more

The Enneagram: Christianity’s Newest Astrology Fad.

I just noticed this hilarious new astrology system that’s showed up in Christianity: the Sacred Enneagram, so let’s make today about that! Everyone, say hi to the Christian astrology fad that’s just pinged Christian news’ radar (finally)! Read more

A Celestial Extortionist and His Sycophants

Even I couldn’t have predicted the extent of that opportunism, however–though I could easily have told the opportunists involved here just how badly these ploys will backfire. Meet the Disaster Opportunists of Christianity, and see how their attempts to grab power for themselves through extortion fail epically. Read more

Big Damn Heroes: Ain’t They Just

I’m sure this news cycle suits some Christians to their fingertips because it all plays into a very peculiar part of the Religious Right’s psyche: their love of being heroes and their dislike of one particular very important detail that gets in the way of dramatic heroics. I’ll tell you what that dislike is about today–and how that worldview is keeping the rest of us from moving ahead as effectively as we could otherwise. Read more

Jesus Camp’s Moment in Time, Scattered

It’s a chilling look at how young children are preyed upon and brainwashed by the adults they trust. Eleven years later, the children featured in Jesus Camp are a striking sign of Christianity’s future. We’ll meet some of them today–and talk about the flaw in Christian thinking that led to their involvement with the camp in the documentary. Read more


It’s been some time since we last had a FULL KITTEN UPDATE, so I thought today would be a nice time to catch up with the Tornado Twins and Lord Snow. As you can expect, they’ve all been keeping the humans busy chez Cas. Read more

How to Keep Kids Christian For Life, According to Christians.

I’ll show you the weirdest and worst of those teachings here–and more importantly I’ll show you exactly why they’re wrong. Read more

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