Most people have likely heard of the Bible verse advising that people must be born again in order to avoid the monstrous Hell that the Christian god created. To be sure, most Christians know about it. Fundagelicals take that idea more seriously than most other Christians do, though. I’ll show you what that phrase means to them, and why they tend to do it way more than just once. Read more

Today, we look at yet another Christian who shows us exactly why his religion is struggling like it is. More than that, even, Ed Stetzer gives us a blueprint for his embattled tribe’s response strategy, and with it, perhaps a little hope for the future. Read more

Originally I’d intended this post to be a retrospective and celebration of Lord Snow, but along the way I ended up wanting to talk about all the important stuff this topic carries along with it: love, socialization, quality-of-life issues, death itself, and ultimately, what actually makes for true immortality. Lord Snow was this blog in a lot of ways. I’ll show you how, today. Read more

Their behavior might seem just bizarre, but it all makes perfect sense when we understand what they really hope to achieve. Today, I’ll show you three different ways that such people act out–and why they do it. You’ll see that they’re getting exactly what they want, in that moment. Read more

Christians seeking to sell their religion to others rely on two main methods. They can try to sell their religion on its own merits. Or they can try to knock down whatever they view right then as their main competition. It’s a big ole game of Last Ideology Standing, and for some reason it’s not working as well as expected these days. Read more

A dramatic rescue unfolded in Thailand this past month. Now, with its successful conclusion, people begin to bandy about words like miracle to describe what happened. Because I’m very helpful that way, I want to gently point out that the rescue is indeed very inspirational. It shines as a testament to human ingenuity, bravery, and resolve. But it is not a miracle, for those exact reasons. Read more

In toxic Christianity, couples determine compatibility in a totally different way than most other folks do. Those standards simply don’t work to produce long-lasting marriages. But toxic Christians gotta toxic. I’ll show you what those standards are today, and why they prove so disastrous for Christians. Read more

Last time we met up, we talked about why Christians have such a bizarrely-regressive view of marriage. In essence, rigidly codified relationships help keep their authoritarian vision alive. Today, let’s dive into the rules that get that rigid view ensconced in people’s everyday realities. Read more

Today, we’re going to look at why Christian leaders push so hard to get their flocks following rigid, unworkable rules about marriage. There’s a reason for it, of course. It isn’t a pretty reason. But it is absolutely key to understanding why Christians can’t quit their unworkable ideas about marriage. Read more

Some years ago, I ran a series called the Unequally Yoked Club (UYC). It was one of my most popular series–and also one of my longest-running! It was about how Christian couples navigate when one partner deconverts from the religion. Today, let’s return to that topic. Together, we’ll see what’s changed and what hasn’t in the world of mixed-faith marriages. A Brief Refresher on the Christianese Involved. An unequally yoked couple doesn’t have matching Christian faith. Specifically, one will be a fervent Christian… Read more

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