No, No, Wait, Everyone: A Progressive Christian Shares the Real Reason Why Christianity is Failing.

Today we’ve got a progressive Christian who’s here to give us the real skinny about just what’s wrong and just what has to happen to fix everything. I’ll spoiler this thing now by telling y’all that he’s wrong, just in a different direction than we normally see. [Read more…]

Where the Blame Roosts: Gay Catholic Orgies Edition.

The response of Christians to this news isn’t surprising, but it is very telling. In an age when Christians simply can’t bury negative news stories like this one, they’re finding new response tactics that absolve their broken system of any responsibility at all for their hypocrisy. [Read more…]

Eugene Peterson: the Christian Right’s Newest Messy Object Lesson.

The bizarre spectacle of their vicious, over-the-top response to his statement demonstrates two things. First, it shows us that they know that the greatest threat to their longed-for return to power comes not from outside their sheepfold, but from within. Second, it shows the rest of us that they are quite right to fear the dissent coming from inside those sheepfolds. [Read more…]

Another Christian Band Bites the Dust.

I saw this one video the other day and thought it was really good–but something twigged in my memory about the band in it. From there, I began tallying up similar bands, and now I’ve got to ask: what’s going on with Christian music lately? Is it just me, or is there like a lot of them who started out Christian and now aren’t? [Read more…]

The People are Revolting. (You Said It! They Stink on Ice!)

Typically the response of Christian leaders to the fact that their congregations are abandoning them in droves is to blame the congregants themselves for leaving. They act like there simply never is a time when anyone’s allowed to leave, no matter how unserved they feel or how much they disagree with their pastors’ leadership. There was a time not long ago when someone might have cared about this outrage, but that time is fading quickly–and there’s nothing those pastors can do about it (that they’re willing to do, anyway). [Read more…]

Coercion and the Global Marketplace of Ideas.

The religion’s leaders 100% believe that there’s some magical way to return Christianity to its former power and dominance through marketing and superior sales techniques. This notion is just another example of magical thinking in Christianity, and I’ll show you why right now. [Read more…]

No No, Gang, THIS Christian Is Totally Going to Fix Catholicism!

I’ll pick apart his speech today, and then show you–for good measure, since I’m helpful that way–why his tribe is actually having trouble recruiting and retaining members. [Read more…]

The False Promise of Safety in the Broken System.

The criticism I have about religion really deals with the broken system that undergirds it: that marrow-deep dysfunction that pushes people to create a broken system, to join it, to celebrate it, to perpetuate it, and ultimately to protect it from all potential criticism or dismantling. Though Christianity is one of the best examples of a broken system that we could possibly encounter in our society, there are certainly others. Today I’ll show you what I mean by illuminating one of the biggest miseries to come out of broken systems: the false illusion of safety that they offer to both adherents and those who encounter their adherents. [Read more…]

Good Apples, Bad Apples, and Broccoli.

Christianity is supposed to be the religious equivalent of Star Trek: The Next Generation. Its advertising and marketing materials proclaim constantly that its adherents are, ideally, the cream of the crop of the entire civilized universe. The people serving on the Enterprise and who belong to Christianity are both supposed to be the best their universe has to offer. But in reality, Christianity is a lot more like Red Dwarf–minus the sense of humor, self-awareness, and cleverness. And we can tell which it is by how its very own people react to their bad apples and their broccoli. [Read more…]

Hang On, Everyone! This Christian Knows What the Problem Is!

We’ve been having fun this week snarking a post in The Federalist to eensy-weensy little pieces. But who could blame us? The Christian who wrote it managed to outshine all his pals in finding the most WTF explanation possible for why his religion’s losing so many adherents and so much credibility and influence in the eyes of the world. That isn’t easy to do nowadays! [Read more…]