A Flip-Flop That’ll Cost Evangelicals.

White evangelicals are standing behind their chosen champion through all manner of scandals. I was surprised at first that this scandal is sticking so hard to our Jerkweed-in-Chief, but really, it isn’t all that surprising–and I’ll show you why it isn’t. Read more

The Cult of “Before” Stories: A Mega-Review of Zachary King’s Testimony.

Zachary King gave an extensive XM radio interview a couple of years just after becoming semi-popular. Today I want to show you that interview–and show you how it fits into the narratives we find within the Cult of Before Stories. Read more

A Church Embezzler Learns Not to Use Christianese Around a Judge (LSP #26)

Stephanie Everett found out exactly what the phrase “full responsibility” means out here in Reality-Land–and maybe you’ll find the story to be as funny–and as ultimately hope-inspiring–as I did. Read more

The Satanic Panic Meets the Anti-Abortion Crusade.

The Satanic Panic trickled to an undignified end years ago. But not long ago we saw a resurgence of it wheezing back to life in a most unexpected way when a Christian conjob figured out a way to join that largely-defunct moral panic with a far more current one. Join me for a tour of one of the most WTF ever conversion stories. Yes, it’s time to induct someone new to the Cult of Before Stories! Read more

The CPC Manual Dives Into Anti-Abortion Clobber Verses

Today we’ll look at the CPC’s very own Bible study and see just what those clobber verses are–and clobber ’em in turn. Read more

Evangelicalism Is Now Officially Recognized as a Tainted Brand

Christianity is a brand of sorts, and slowly–oh, very slowly!–the religion’s leaders are starting to recognize just how tainted that brand really is. Today I’ll show you one of the most important recent developments in the religion–and the surreally out-of-touch course of action that Christians are suggesting as a response to that development. Read more

Lord Snow Presides… Over More MLM Deception in Christianity. (#25)

We look at a very, very curious list of traits that should sound very, very familiar to you! Read more

How to Become a Volunteer for a Fake Abortion Clinic

One of the biggest lies told by fake abortion clinics is that they are actually medical clinics, meaning that they are medical offices staffed by people knowledgeable about pregnancy and facilitating and educating about all the options available for pregnant women. They’re anything but. I’ll show you the first few pages from a CPC manual scan that a reader sent to me, which ought to settle that question nicely. Read more

Live in the Wild: An Introduction to Fake Abortion Clinics

The CPC is one of the most slickly-packaged of all of the fake women’s clinics, pretending to be about providing counsel to frightened women facing unexpected pregnancies, but it’s actually something much darker and much more malevolent than even that. And now I’ve got a copy of what is, essentially, a Pearson manual. Today, I’m going to show you what these clinics are, why they are evil incarnate, and what their general tactics are. Read more

The Dark Origins of the Anti-Abortion Culture War

Last time we covered the mismatch between those two types of goals in apologetics. But that’s not the biggest mismatch there is. That honor belongs to the Christian culture war against abortion. I’ll show you what the mismatch is, how Christians bought into one of the cruelest, most hypocritical, most patently-dishonest, and most callously-engineered causes imaginable, and how you can tell that their culture war has nothing to do with what they say it’s about. Today we’ll start with just how this culture war got started. Read more

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