Mike Huckabee’s Failed Attempt to Stratify the Tribe.

We have met the enemy, and it is crunchy. (Credit: theimpulsivebuy, CC license.)

Tribalism is a term used to describe social groups that are very uniform in how they think and behave and that tend to value group loyalty and cohesion over individual members’ needs or any laws/rules/etiquette. Tribal group members value that one membership above that of other groups to which they may belong. And the members of a tribal group tend to act very decisively to protect the group’s cohesion against challenges and threats, even imagined ones. [Read more...]

Naturalism: Not Gross. Not Crass. And Not Negotiable.

Everything I know about Morris dancing, I know from Red Dwarf throwaway jokes and this photo. (Credit: Steve Slater, CC license.)

Wow, do Christians tend to hate the idea of naturalism. One apologetics site even calls it, without a hint of irony or self-awareness, “a belief-system opposed to our god.” Notice their flowchart, by the way. It’s actually not too bad. “The natural world is all that exists, so if something falls outside the natural world, it is excluded from reality.” One almost wants to say in response “Yes, and…?” [Read more...]

Kim Davis’ False Narrative and Shattered Ideological Purity.

It's amazing how some folks can sense when a Christian has a little extra wool to fleece, isn't it? (Credit: Piers127, CC license.)

Kim Davis is all but the Republican Jesus right now, but one of her recent claims left me confused–the one about how she was totally Democrat once but “the party left me” so now she’s re-registered as a Republican. Today we’ll talk about that claim, because the news of her attempted (and apparently quite ridiculous) lawsuit against [Read More...]

World Table Stuffs.

You heard him.

Today I had a long conversation with the World Table (TWT) people. As you know, yesterday they installed (at Patheos’ suggestion and with my consent) the prototype of their commenting plugin. In that time we’ve had some very strong opinions voiced and I was able to share these opinions today with the devs and C-suite folks. I want to touch base now with the results of that convo. First, let’s talk about the purpose of this test. [Read more...]

Oh, Hell is Totally For Real? Really? Are You Sure?

This is the only acceptable way to be overrun by a tribe. ("Kittens on Grandpa," credit: Heather Hopkins, CC license.) BTW, these were rescue kittens and yes, they all found good homes, according to the photographer.

Tonight I was reading a blog by a sweet-seeming sane Christian, John Pavlovitz. He’s a great guy, and he writes often about the worst beliefs and practices of his onetime tribe. As you can easily guess, any time he writes about that topic, outraged, indignant toxic Christians descend upon him like locusts. Clearly, John Pavlovitz’s dissent is seen [Read More...]

A New Commenting System is Coming Soon.

Dive in! (Credit: Steven Worster, CC license.)

Hey gang! Just a heads-up. Roll to Disbelieve is test-driving a new commenting system called The World Table in the next day or two. [Read more...]

Leopards Don’t Change Their Spots: Kim Davis Edition.

One of our feline overlords plans the next move. (Credit Mike Lewinski, CC license.)

Kim Davis is from a family of super-duper-fervent Christians in a super-duper-religious town, but she claims that her new birth only happened a few years ago for the very first time. As a result of her new birth, she is totally changed and a whole different person, and all her transgressions are forgotten. Indeed, it bothers her that people think she’s a total hypocrite. She’s indignant about it–and hates that while “God” has forgotten her past, people keep bringing it up. And I wonder who is fooled by this blatantly self-serving assertion of hers. Fundagelical Christians like her like to say that the second they are converted, anything that happened previously is off-limits. They are “born again,” in a very real sense: new creations, totally different people. Today I want to talk about how wrong this idea is, and why it only serves to further fundagelical interests and promote abuse. I’ll start by discussing Fireproof, that awful Christian movie I reviewed recently. [Read more...]

Christian Marketing Sucks: Rapture Scare Edition.

There isn't much new under the sun. (Credit: Dennis Jarvis, CC license.)

Well! The end of the world is coming (again) this week. Do you know where your Christians are? Yes indeed, because you see, the very last deadline for the very last bit of the Blood Moon Rapture Scare (sometimes called “Four Moons”) is upon us. Orchestrated largely by professional false prophet and bloviating loudmouth John Hagee, the Blood Moon Rapture Scare posits that because lunar eclipses are occurring around the dates of four important Jewish holidays between 2014 and 2015, the Rapture is going to happen before they’re all done. A bunch of people who actually understand anything about astronomy in general and lunar eclipses in particular are now head-desking repeatedly, but it only gets worse from here–sorry, gang. Today we’ll be talking about why these Rapture scares are, increasingly, bad ideas for Christianity. [Read more...]

Mission Trips: Duggar Apples Don’t Fall Far From the Duggar Tree, Apparently.

Honduras, a hotbed of paganism and atheism. (Credit: Nan Palmero, CC license.)

Last year, I wrote about mission trips in evangelical Christianity–and did not exactly describe the idea in glowing terms. I think even less of it today, and I’ll be talking about why now. [Read more...]

The Religious Right’s Having Bad Luck with Mascots Lately.

Roll call! (Credit: Ingrid Taylar, CC license.) Bonus: these are called "American coots."

I was just thinking today about the extremely bad luck that the Religious Right’s been having with finding decent mascots for its simple, universal message of hatred, exclusion, xenophobia, willful ignorance, misogyny, racism, and class warfare. The roll call is looking more and more dismal by the day. [Read more...]