Lord Snow Presides #1: Sovereign Citizens Edition.

Welcome to the first off-topic chat post!

I’m reading this weird story that Ed Brayton found about a sovereign citizen trying to use that ideology to get away with, literally, murder. Usually they use it to get out of tax evasion or fairly minor crimes, but no, this guy wants to try to escape cop-killing and domestic violence. That’s a whole new level of scary and weird.

It’s downright unsettling to think that there are an estimated 300,000 of these nutjobs floating around the country. I seriously think the only time I’ve ever seen sovereigns actually use the ideology successfully is by selling their ideas to their gullible adherents. That endeavor, at least, is apparently wildly successful. In court, though, nobody’s obligated to agree with them just because it’d really help them out. (SPLC did a great article about them a while ago, but their numbers are only increasing in Trump’s America.)

It feels weird to write a post this short so I’ll sign off with something I just saw over on the Patheos Nonreligious Facebook page. I’m just so flutterpated that someone liked it enough to make a picture out of it!

It’s not an exact quote from my post about how ignorant Christians are about the Bible, but it’s close enough. Feel free to adapt whatever you want of mine :)

Also, here’s a cat picture. I know it should be Lord Snow, but how could I have this in my hard drive and NOT use it?

Frowsiness Level: OVER 9000

Frowsiness Level: OVER 9000. He literally woke up like this.

So what’s up with y’all?

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