How to Keep Kids Christian For Life, According to Christians.

I’ll show you the weirdest and worst of those teachings here–and more importantly I’ll show you exactly why they’re wrong. Read more

The Dangerous Questions Christians Aren’t Asking

Where “I’m Not Ashamed” went seriously wrong. Read more

Why #EmptyThePews Is Important

Recently someone started a Twitter hashtag called #EmptyThePews to encourage Christians to let the horrifying events of this week be their breaking point–and to walk away from their churches to show that they do not stand with their racist leaders. Immediately stories began pouring through that hashtag–stories about deconversion and disengagement, indignation and anger, disappointment and betrayal: vast narratives revealed in 140 characters or less. I’ll show you why this hashtag matters. Read more

The Exploitation of the Most Important Girl in the World.

Not long ago, we watched the Christian exploitation-fest that was I’m Not Ashamed. And we all had a lot to say about the movie–very little of it positive. Christians loved it, unsurprisingly, largely because it reinforced for them all the worst parts of their religion’s teachings and showed them a world that matched their worst fantasies. One of their very favoritest fantasies involves their unwarrantedly high opinion of themselves, and this movie served that fantasy up with a side of sweet-potato fries alongside a heaping helping of false martyrdom and fearmongering. Read more

Darkness at Noon.

Eclipses are rare occurrences in our world–and even to someone raised in a science-embracing world they can feel mysterious. Little wonder that Christians have been co-opting these events ever since their religion got started. Read more

The Day My Prayers Changed.

One day I realized that my prayers had changed without my even noticing. But they had. When I noticed that change, that moment became a turning point in my own faith journey. Read more

Various Christian Threats, Deciphered and Decoded.

Threats are a constant and deeply-woven part of Christian culture. Even the really nice parts of the religion use them in implicit form. That’s why we often talk around here about Christians’ use of threats. They make promises as well, promises that touch on the natural and supernatural worlds. I thought it’d be interesting to pull together some of their favorites–and offer up some link love in case anyone wants to read further about them. Read more

Christian Marketing Sucks: Bait and Switch Edition.

This marketing tactic is hugely dishonest, yes, but it’s also very effective against the unwary. No wonder so many Christians use it so often in their evangelism efforts: we carry around in our heads a raft of cognitive biases that ensure that even the most skeptical of us can fall for bait-and-switch evangelism. Today I’ll show you what this type of marketing is and why it works. Read more

The False Narrative of Martyrdom in “I’m Not Ashamed”

What angers me most about the horrible Christian movie I’m Not Ashamed is its absolutely shameless contortion of a child’s brutal, senseless death to advance a very clear political agenda. Today I’ll walk you through how that task was accomplished–and show you why we absolutely must reject it. Read more

“I’m Not Ashamed” Mega-Review.

Here follows the mega-review and a short rant about the movie, as is traditional; we’ll talk more about it in coming days. Read more

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