This time the guy digging frantically for an even lower spot in my estimation of Christians is Gus Eli Reinhardt, who wrote an absolutely shocking post trying to piggyback on the #MeToo movement by comparing a standard Reformed doctrine to a violent rape. Worse, he’s depicting this spiritual violation as a good thing. Here’s why Christians keep doing this, and why it backfired this time. Read more

This section is a stunning demonstration of that strategy–as well as a disheartening look at the outdated and misapplied information that informs this perennial Christian culture war. Read more

Pseudoscience has been a serious part of Christianity ever since Christianity was, well, Christianity. And it wasn’t until recently that Christians’ rock pile of alternative facts got so unwieldy that it simply collapsed in on top of them. Today we’ll have an overview of pseudoscience–what it is and why it’s so important–because we’re about to head into that CPC manual again and it’s going to be relevant! Read more

An Exvangelical is someone who has walked away from evangelical Christianity, similar to how an ex-Christian is someone who has deconverted from the religion entirely. And they’re a thing now, with Facebook groups and podcasts and Twitter gatherums and everything! Today, Lord Snow Presides over #ExvangelicalCatchphrases! Read more

Over the years, quite a few pastors’ wives have been murdered by their husbands–and for an especially nefarious reason. I’ll show you some of those crimes today, and why they’re going to keep happening. Read more

Another explanation for how Christians maintain belief in the face of overwhelming contradictory evidence is compartmentalization. I’ll show you what that is today, and why it’s so insidious for those suffering from it. Read more

Today I’ll take you on a brief tour of one of the failed marketing tactics coming out of one of the most tainted brands of Christianity there are. Read more

I literally didn’t notice the Bible’s most troublesome passages. I don’t even think I was even capable of noticing them. At the time, I suffered from a malady that appears to strike many Christians: antiprocess. I was reading the words and seeing the pages, sure, but I wasn’t able to clearly perceive what they said. Through antiprocess, I protected myself from a confrontation with some truly challenging new ideas and contradictory information. Here’s how I did it–and why I had to do it. Read more

The CPC also left out an awful lot of Bible verses that reveal that the Bible’s god is a total fan of abortion–sorta. I’ll show you some of those verses today. But more than that, I’ll show you a bunch of stuff I didn’t see or understand until well after my deconversion. Read more

White evangelicals are standing behind their chosen champion through all manner of scandals. I was surprised at first that this scandal is sticking so hard to our Jerkweed-in-Chief, but really, it isn’t all that surprising–and I’ll show you why it isn’t. Read more

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