As horrible as the first A Thief in the Night was, as little happened in it narratively, and as awful as it was according to every single of filmmaking that exists, what blows my mind is that the creators of it found funding for not one–not two–but THREE other sequels. Read more

The type of Christians who go in for the Rapture also tend to suffer from what the modern age has begun to call the Fear of Missing Out (FOMO). I’ll show you what that fear is and how it relates to Christianity–and maybe we’ll find some ways to escape that fear. Read more

This is the mega-review of A Thief in the Night, which is one of the big granddaddies of Christian Rapture porn. It’s a movie where nothing happens and none of the characters are distinguishable except by hairstyle, and yet somehow it traumatized millions and millions of Christians in the 1970s and 1980s. We’re gonna find out why tonight. The pre-review and chatter page was the previous post–hope you all had a good a time on it as I did! First Act:… Read more

It sure looks like it follows all the usual tropes of these sorts of movies. Blah blah, Christians get Raptured and the world falls apart. Blah  blah, one world government. Blah blah, everyone forgets about human rights–which fundagelicals are not super-good with anyway, remember–and the ebil gubmint starts executing people for holding beliefs they don’t like–which Christian leaders have traditionally done for centuries and only stopped doing because of human rights advances. Read more

It was one of the funniest blowups I’ve seen on that site lately: a professional Christian named Matt Smethurst monumentally misread the limits of Twitter glurge-evangelism and one of his tweets blew up in his face. Today, Lord Snow Presides over some unexpectedly-illuminating tweets. Read more

To put it simply, Israel and Jews themselves are absolutely required components of these Christians’ feverish fantasies about the end of the whole wide world. Read more

When it comes to fundagelical Christianity, few things make as little sense to outsiders to that culture as its collective near-obsession with all things Judaism. I’m going to start the party off by showing you the bizarre doctrinal belief of supersessionism, which explains why Christians have such a love-hate relationship with Judaism generally. Read more

Lawrence Krauss has all but admitted that he swims in a seriously broken system, revels in it, and has no plans whatsoever to examine himself for flaws or to change anything he’s doing. Here’s how I know that, and why this denial bodes so poorly for a movement that puts its superstars above its principles. Read more

Here’s what a good old-fashioned rowdy Pentecostal revival is like–and why. Today Lord Snow casts his baleful gaze at a dying part of the Christian experience. Read more

Alas for them, this phrase–I’ll pray for you!–fails on a number of fronts. I’m going to decode this salvo for you today, and show you what it says about Christians that they absolutely, positively would never, ever want us to know. Read more

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