Remember that dude Nathan Akin who seriously wanted young people to attend these functions to have a say in their denomination’s future? Here’s why his suggestion was disingenuous at best–and outright dishonest at worst. No, there’s not really a way for a young SBC whippersnapper to be in the room. Here’s why. Read more

As the next generation in Christianity, young people have quite a burden to shoulder! And I don’t think they’re happy about shouldering it. I’ll show you the denomination’s surreal responses to their looming disaster. Buckle up! It gets rocky. Read more

If you haven’t heard of Dave Daubenmire, he is every single thing you need to know to know that Christianity is a terrible religion that produces terrible people. Today I’ll show you the latest crazypants thing he’s gotten up to. He might have failed at his #1 task in life (raising a good future adult), but he sure ain’t letting that stop him. Read more

Christians who buy in to complementarianism make a lot of claims about this doctrine. Today, I’ll show you what that first claim is, and why it’s wrong. I’ll also show you how this doctrine fits into Christians’ various culture wars. Read more

When we find ourselves waiting for an outcome, we can start to get desperate. I can see why we might have evolved that burst of hormones and chemicals, but this exact process can be easily manipulated by those who wish to take advantage of us. Today we look at the waiting room, both physical and metaphorical, and where that anxiety can take us if we’re not careful. Read more

Today, I’ll show you the techniques he used to manipulate his flocks. These are common manipulation techniques for abusive people, so it pays to know about them to protect ourselves. Then we’ll plunge into Al Mohler’s essay to see just how terrible it is. Read more

Today, on Lord Snow Presides, we’ll look some of the developments in this field. Meat eating–and abstention from meat–has been part of Christianity since its creation. And now right-wing Christians have a new wrinkle in that ongoing fight. Read more

We’ll see how he secured a movement that is so important to him that he will quickly, happily even, destroy millions of people’s lives to protect it. And we’ll see why he’s so intent on protecting it, even after it’s been shown to be so damaging to both his denomination and to millions of people’s lives. Read more

Every new day brings with it a new revelation about just how terrible the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC), his home denomination, really is for women. A few days ago, Al Mohler–one of the denomination’s biggest names–tried to cool that fire a little. Well, he only made it worse. Today I’ll show you what he said and why he probably said it. And I’ll show you how he’s likely only made the SBC’s position worse. Read more

I’ve been wanting to return to the UYC lately, since I’ve seen new developments on that front in recent months. So today, I want to show you what happened after I deconverted from Christianity, and the ups and downs of how I handled sharing the news of that deconversion with my then-husband Biff. I didn’t do everything perfectly, but then, I reckon almost nobody ever does. Read more

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