Well! Welcome back from Easter and our Prodigal Planet special! I wanted to segue briefly to show you something that happened last week in the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC). Really, it is hardly even news anymore: yet another fundagelical Christian leader got caught with his dick somewhere it shouldn’t be, whereupon he got to quit-before-he-could-be-fired. This scandal, however, is news precisely because of who this particular leader is, and what his contributions to fundagelical culture have been. We’re talking about Frank Page,… Read more

Tonight we had a grand time watching Prodigal Planet (PP), the fourth and last movie in the A Thief in the Night (ATITN) series. So is it going to suck unremittingly? Or will there be a few scenes that are jewels in the dungheap? Come and see. Read more

In this post, I’ll set the stage briefly and then we can get to the viewing. Feel free to watch along with me and comment here with any observations or snark you have–consider this an off-topic post as well, so anything else is fair game too! Welcome to the party! Read more

Sometimes I catch myself thinking that fundagelicals are, at heart, perfectly normal people who have simply been socialized in really awful ways, so they really aren’t aware of the threats they constantly use and the fearmongering behavior they exhibit. I start thinking that they are so immersed in fear tactics that they notice it all about as often as we notice the air in a room or how often we blink. And then A Thief in the Night rolled past my eyes, and I had to come face-to-face with my own boundless misplaced optimism. Read more

It’s been so eye-opening for me to see just how deeply and painfully these movies have affected so many people with their terrifying, traumatizing message. I’ve heard from a great many people over this past week who wanted to share how frightened they’d been by these movies. So we’re going to be looking at why these movies had the effects they did. I’ll start with a retrospective–come join me! Read more

Often we feel like others will agree with us once they know what we know. Further, we’ll assume that others share our way of looking at the world. And then we have to learn the hard way that neither of those assumptions are true when it comes to terrible people. Read more

If you wanted to know what 70s Christians thought about the Rapture, these are your movies! Bear in mind that the Christians leading all these churches and Congressional committees and “think tanks” today are the ones who grew up on these movies. These idiotic movies are what informed their opinions about the world. To me, the value they have is that they show me a little of what went into the adult fundagelicals I see grandstanding today. Read more

As horrible as the first A Thief in the Night was, as little happened in it narratively, and as awful as it was according to every single of filmmaking that exists, what blows my mind is that the creators of it found funding for not one–not two–but THREE other sequels. Read more

The type of Christians who go in for the Rapture also tend to suffer from what the modern age has begun to call the Fear of Missing Out (FOMO). I’ll show you what that fear is and how it relates to Christianity–and maybe we’ll find some ways to escape that fear. Read more

This is the mega-review of A Thief in the Night, which is one of the big granddaddies of Christian Rapture porn. It’s a movie where nothing happens and none of the characters are distinguishable except by hairstyle, and yet somehow it traumatized millions and millions of Christians in the 1970s and 1980s. We’re gonna find out why tonight. The pre-review and chatter page was the previous post–hope you all had a good a time on it as I did! First Act:… Read more

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