Lord Snow Presides Over Arizona’s Complete Lawlessness. (#11)

A new first has happened in America: an openly atheistic woman has been elected to state office. And it’s happened in the very deeply religious state of Arizona, of all places. Today Lord Snow Presides over another sign of Christianity’s coming decline. Read more

The God-Shaped Wound

For many years, Christians have been trying to convince everyone that human beings have a “god-shaped hole” in their beings that cries out for belief in their particular god to fill it. Today I’ll show you what that saying means, why it’s wrong, and how its latest permutation is working out for one batch of Christians struggling to maintain belief long past the point where it makes no sense at all to keep doing it. Read more

Monster Trucks in the Nightlife: The Ballad of the Bad Christians.

Here, then, is the brutal truth about both evangelicalism and Bad Christians. Read more

The Big Miracles, Explained.

Come join me as I take you on a Big Miracle Safari today. Read more

Lord Snow Presides… Over Wonder Woman Reviews. (LSP #10)

But I wasn’t surprised to learn recently that there are some Christians out there who are unhappy about this movie. I noticed some trends as I perused the reviews–and here they are. (SPOILER FREE.) Read more

The SBC’s Decline Continues. (Wanna Hear a Riddle?)

In the immortal words of Cobra Bubbles, things have indeed gone very wrong for them. Read more

The Ongoing Crisis in Christianity Continues Apace.

I thought it was hilarious that this news comes out now, amid a Gallup poll showing that belief in Creationism is at its lowest point since Gallup began asking that question of Americans. But that’s not the only bad news for Christians. Come see the newest developments! Read more

Ken Ham’s Creationists Know Exactly How to Reverse Evangelical Churn.

Ken Ham says that he totally thinks that families that do not already buy into Creationism will choose to spend their vacations at his park rather than at Disney World or the Smithsonian Institution–and from there become persuaded of his fringe religious beliefs. Shall we see together how likely that pipe dream is to become reality? Read more

Common Christian Miracles, Explained and Translated.

But what do these miracles actually look like, and do the Christians claiming these miracles realize what non-Christians are going to think really happened? Here indeed are some of the most common Christian miracles and what those miracle claims really mean. Read more

Church Planting Amid Iron Chariots.

This ancient story is way too potent of a reminder to Christians that their omnipotent god isn’t even a close second to the most powerful being in the universe even in his own mythology. Of course, we need not go so far as the Old Testament to see that simple truth. The regular failure of Christians’ wishes and plans could easily tell us that. Read more