Church Planting Amid Iron Chariots.

This ancient story is way too potent of a reminder to Christians that their omnipotent god isn’t even a close second to the most powerful being in the universe even in his own mythology. Of course, we need not go so far as the Old Testament to see that simple truth. The regular failure of Christians’ wishes and plans could easily tell us that. Read more

Pick a Gear: Selling Contradictions.

The marketers in broken systems have this unfortunate tendency to sell two different and diametrically opposed things to potential consumers. It’s not just a Christian thing; it happens in most broken systems. People in them don’t see that they’re doing it, and the people they’re selling to may not even realize that’s why they distrust the sellers and reject their product. But it happens all the same. Read more

Lord Snow Presides #9: Ed Stetzer’s New Gig.

With everything going on in Baptist-land lately, I’m just surprised he lasted this long. Lord Snow today turns his serene, leaf-green gaze toward Ed Stetzer’s job change. Read more

The Power of Prayer in Christian Marketing

Last time we met up, we were talking about Christian marketing and why it sucks. Christians are required to put faith in stuff that simply isn’t true–and their magical thinking carries through to their strategies around revitalizing their brand, guaranteeing failure. Read more

Why Christian Marketing Sucks — And Why It Must.

As one might expect, the leaders in the religion are doing their best to combat their groups’ losses with a public-relations and marketing blitz. Unfortunately for them, those efforts are doomed–thanks to the efforts of those selfsame leaders. Read more

Fundagelical Preppers and the Problem with ‘Pokkalypses.

Last year I wrote about the rising numbers of fundagelical Christians getting into prepping, a subculture devoted to preparing for some imagined upcoming apocalypse. Not only are their efforts not actually very useful or helpful to anybody, but all this preparation speaks more to their own fear of change than to any possible future troubles the world might face. I’ll show you how today. Read more

You Lost Me: Why Nothing Can Change.

This past week we were talking about the 2011 book You Lost Me by David Kinnaman. The book was about why modern Christian evangelical churches were losing so many young-adult members, and how they could possibly reverse that trend. Christians either agreed wholeheartedly with this book’s ideas or they hated every word of it. Either way, however, nothing whatsoever changed in the modern Christian evangelical church as a result of it. Today I’ll show you why nothing changed, and why nothing ever actually could. Read more

The Trouble with Tribbers.

A long time ago I wrote about fundagelical preppers and how the doom-preparation community had been taken over by fundagelical zealots fearing Rapture and Armageddon. There are some new developments in that story–but first, here are some new Rapture scares to look at! Read more

Lord Snow Presides #8: Meet Texe Marrs.

I’m looking at end-of-the-world conspiracy theorists right now and ran across a name I hadn’t heard before: Texe Marrs. I’m wondering how he’s managed to evade my notice until now, considering he clearly ran in the same sort of circles I did back in the late 1980s! Read more

You Lost Me: How to Create Change Without Changing a Thing.

There’s another magic spell he wants to teach Christians to cast here, and that spell revolves around reframing unpleasant and negative ideas so that churches won’t have to change anything they’re doing with regard to all the stuff that people cite as reasons to steer clear of Christianity. Read more