Do y’all remember that anecdote I told you about Marf and Bebo and the van? There was a special reason why Marf was so happy that night of the revival. You see, she had been delivered of a demon of depression, and was finally happy again. Well, for a little while. And this night sure wasn’t the first time she’d ever said something like that as she walked out of the building. Marf got delivered of this exact same demon… Read more

I heard today that some restaurants are ending the tipping practice in favor of paying full-time real wages to their staff, and it made me think of my old Christian peers and how happy they undoubtedly are to get that news, because now it means they don’t have to make excuses anymore for why they don’t tip. (Yes, I really do have a story I can relate to just about everything. Why do you ask?) Wayback Machine is set to… Read more

This whole thing coming out of Rome is just astonishing, isn’t it? I’m wondering now just how much of the current Pope’s activities were expected by the crusty old cardinals who elected him. He’s done such a 180 since he got into office that you’ve just got to think his handlers must start clutching at their chests whenever he steps outside of his frugal little apartment or talks to anybody in the media. He’s like a reality show in a… Read more

Excellent dialogue earlier, folks, by the way, I want to say again. I mean this: you are the best comment gang on the internet. I appreciate you all so much. Wonderful, wonderful job keeping things civil and productive. I had an interesting exchange today with a rather belligerent young Christian who threatened non-Christians with hell as a “joke.” I know–really cute and funny, right? Almost as side-splittingly hilarious and privilege-enforcing as a rape joke. Wondering how that happened? Discussing a… Read more

Aren’t atheists just the worst? Jeez, aren’t non-Christians all just so totes over all this bickering and fighting? Why can’t we all just give it a rest and talk about “the truth”? Rachel Held Evans is sick of non-Christians (who she conflates with “atheists,” like most Christians do) pointing to toxic Christians like Pat Robertson as examples of what Christians as a whole are like. She wants to strike a deal with “us.” She wants us to quit doing that,… Read more

Housekeeping post ahead — I saw something that really bugged me yesterday. Remember that Kim Hall “FYI” thing I talked about the other day? Well, while I was reading this way cool response to it (yes, it’s the HuffPo piece; it’s the same writer), I noticed in the blog’s comments that Hall has done something very naughty in blog-ness, namely that she seems to have edited her original piece so that it isn’t quite so awful and in places now… Read more

I’m not intentionally making this into a feminist blog, but holy cow, stuff keeps happening. Remember what I was saying about zucchini? The Religious Right is like the zucchini of the “religious news that deserves mockery” garden. I don’t normally pick on Catholics too much, but this Catholic guy deserves a call-out. Raylan Alleman thinks that women should not go to college and has written a big long list of why you should not let your of-age, legally-adult daughters make… Read more

A few days ago I saw this post written by a man who woke up to his sexism. It touched me, and I want to talk a little about it and make my own confession. This revelation may shock you, gentle friends and readers, but I was once a Manic Pixie Dream Girl. To provide a little background, let me explain a bit. I’ve met plenty of men who said they were feminists who really weren’t at all. One of… Read more

A while ago I wrote a post called “The Daughters of Men” in which I cried aloud in the wilderness about a pastor who is deliberately teaching his daughters things that will potentially harm them significantly in their future lives as adults. It looks like this kind of horrifically poorly-done parenting isn’t specific to misogynistic male pastors. Now we have his BFF, Kim Hall, a woman who’s written a tut-tut for young women of today called “FYI (if you’re a… Read more

I was married to a preacher, I think I mentioned before, with Biff sliding very quickly into a position as a youth pastor. The trend of using youth pastors to minister exclusively to high school kids began when I was a new convert to fundamentalism–a trend that declared that young people must have fancy rock-concert-style ministries and tons of fun and diverting stuff to do, or else they’ll get bored and wander off. By this time the idea is all… Read more

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