One of the things I’ve heard Christians say over and over is that without God, nobody can possibly be “good.” A non-Christian is, they say, immoral, far more likely to commit a crime, and far less trustworthy. The implication is that Christians, by contrast, are in their opinion less likely to commit crimes and are far more moral and trustworthy. When this is disputed by sharing information about Christians who have committed crimes or who are not in the least… Read more

It seems to me like modern culture has long forgotten what “evidence” and “proof” involves. I certainly didn’t understand the two terms when I was a Christian. Inevitably someone’s going to howl that Christianity is true because their auntie got “healed” of a broken foot. Well, it healed faster than expected, anyway. And she is a citizen of a first world country, so it’s not like she didn’t have access to medicine. But JESUS, don’t I see? And there was… Read more

If you’ve been wondering what I’m doing with this blog at the moment, I’m starting off with where I’m coming from when I talk about Christianity and my time in it. I’ve talked a lot with people about religion, and it’s hard to relate meaningfully about it until there’s some kind of perspective and common ground established. I really think there’s a “high Christianity” and a “low Christianity,” with the former concentrating more on orthodoxy and higher-flown theological concepts (which… Read more

Over the years of my youth, I got involved first in comic books, then in Dungeons & Dragons. Mom was just happy I was out of the house and talking to real people instead of staring fixedly at the tiny little television in my bedroom playing Atari games. Once my family moved to the Deep South, I didn’t attend church anymore. When we had initially moved from Maryland to California, my fervor had continued unabated. I’d been happy to get… Read more

Everybody says their Catholics are the most hardcore, but I’m here to tell you that my German-Polish family is probably a front-runner for the gold medal winners of Catholic fervor. I grew up thinking everybody had an aunt named Sister Seraphia and uncles with fancy collars. We even had a little porcelain “Child of Prague” toddler Jesus doll that we dressed up in fancy robes for major holidays. (Ours looked a lot like this one. Wish I still had it!)… Read more

I’ll talk more later about my path to fundamentalism, but for now, just know that I was born into an intensely Catholic family but became a fundie in my teens, eventually marrying a preacher. I hung out there in that general vein for about ten years before walking away from it. It’s funny to me that the thing that mattered most to me in my fundie days, “what will happen when we die?” is something I just don’t worry about… Read more

I’ve spent the last few years hanging out on various non-belief blogs and think it’s important to talk a little bit about what I do and don’t commit to do and what in turn I expect out of commenters. If you have been directed to this post, then you did something that violates these expectations and need a refresher course. Here are a selection of things that are not up for debate: * Anybody’s sincerity. If you tell me you… Read more

Sometimes you just get lucky and make the roll that defines all lucky rolls for all time. Sometimes you’re the low-level noob in the party facing off against some impossibly strong and dangerous illusion and you’re the only one who makes the saving roll to disbelieve. How do you save your party? How do you help them believe that you can see through the illusion when it seems so real to them?I’m not going to pretend to be an advanced… Read more

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