Children Learn by Mimicry – So What are you Teaching Them?

Tad Reeves and daughter Mackenzie

Tad Reeves is Scientologist, a website systems engineer, and a parent of two adorable children.  He has a great time applying Scientology as a parent, and keeps up a website entitled ScientologyParent with tips and successes that he, his wife, and his friends have had in applying Scientology to the joys and challenges of parenting.

Something to consider: “A child learns by mimicry. Most children, unless they’re severely aberrated, are very good mimics. And they look at the adult and they try to use the adult as a pattern for their own actions. This is natural. Unfortunately, most adults around children have quite a few dramatizations. So the child may start now to mimic the dramatization…”
from tape recorded lecture of 15 July 1950
It’s one thing to take this to encompass things like putting on clothes, eating, wiping your mouth, etc.  Obviously our kids (and other peoples’ kids) watch everything we do, and most of us realize this.   But what about other things like snapping back at mommy when she asks a question, or saying “I can’t take it anymore!” and slamming the door, or arguing in front of the kids, or using bad manners with others.

Our kids are indeed watching our every move, and as such it’s of paramount importance that we set a good example for our kids.
In some cases, that’s simply a matter of self-discipline.  In others, it’s a matter of putting enough attention on yourself to get your own shortcomings sorted out.  Bad communication habits, unreasonable fears and upsets at things–these all have a source and can be sorted out, which is what Dianetics & Scientology are all about.
So, just think about it then next time you snap back at your spouse, and wonder why your kids are all of the sudden cheeky with you as well.

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Children Learn by Mimicry – So What are you Teaching Them?
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