Don and Kalendi Engle — Two Chefs with the Recipe for a Happy Life

Don and Kalindi Engle are Detroit-area Scientologists.  Don is an executive chef and Kalindi is a pastry chef.  Both are featured in on the video channel.

Don’s story:

Whether preparing a perfect sauce, dishing out 2,500 meals a day at the Detroit Athletic Club, or creating a fresh nuance to a classic pasta dish, chef Don Engle adds a pound of energy and a pinch of optimism to everything he does.

Working as a cook since he graduated from high school in Detroit, Engle, now 42, learned a word that opened his eyes to a career he loves.

“A new manager at the restaurant where I worked was a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America.  I had never even heard the word ‘culinary’ before,” says Engle.  “When I found out what it meant, I knew I wanted to be a chef.”>>

And Kalindi’s story:

“Where I grew up, girls didn’t go to school,” says Kalindi Engle. “I always wanted to study, but I couldn’t learn to read and write.”

In a video featured on the new Scientology Video Channel at, Engle, 41, tells how she used the technology of study developed by L. Ron Hubbard to become literate and educate herself.

Growing up in West Bengal, India, Engle’s parents arranged her marriage, when she was just 15, to a man from Detroit, Michigan. Although her husband was a kind man and she always respected him, she was unhappy in the marriage and five years later, certain it was not going to get better, she moved into a one-room apartment with her young son and divorced him. >>

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