Meet a Scientologist

The Scientology Video Channel provides a comprehensive overview of the basic beliefs and practices of the religion while answering the question “What is Scientology?,” as well as information on the many humanitarian programs sponsored by the Church-programs addressing drug abuse, illiteracy, human rights and disaster relief.

But an entire section of the site called “Meet a Scientologist” has videos about Scientology members from all walks of life, many of which have been further illustrated with brief articles in which these Scientologists share how they learned about Scientology, what they have gained from it personally and, because Scientology is most definitely for use, how they use it in their lives.

For example, Owen York.

Now 32, Owen York likes to joke that he has been painting since the day he was born—he actually can’t remember a time when he wasn’t creating art.

With the support of his parents, he and his twin brother Dan, a musician, were always encouraged as artists. But he also lost something in the process.

“I began to rely artistically on ‘this is how it’s done’ rather than on myself,” he said.

After graduating with a degree in illustration in 1998, York worked as a freelance artist for a while, until he realized one day he was just going through the motions.

“I felt like a pair of rented arms for an art director. I didn’t know what the hell I was going to do with my career or life.”

If it weren’t for the visit he and his brother made to the Church of Scientology of Chicago, York doubts he would be painting today.

He describes how Scientology helped him overcome this and gave him the wherewithal to pursue and be successful in his career here, and describes his romantic courtship and marriage to his wife Tiffany here.

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