Meet Scientologists–the Jive Aces

Britain’s Number One swing band, the Jive Aces, are one of the hardest-working bands in show business today, performing more than 300 times a year in 25 countries. They have appeared on hundreds of TV and radio programs worldwide. With their trademark high-energy floorshow they enjoy a wild popularity with fans of all ages.

The six lads from London were drawn together by their love for a style and music that outclassed anything in the 1980s. Hot jive has the beat, energy and enthusiasm of rock ‘n’ roll and the fun and rhythm of big band swing all rolled into one.

Their musical journey took them from Elvis Presley to Bill Haley and from Louis Prima to Frank Sinatra and Bobby Darren.  This is the sound that has the audience spontaneously jumping to their feet and tearing up the floor with foot tapping, swinging, spirit-raising fun. The Jives are a favourite with top swing dancers and dance troupes in the US, UK and Europe. To see the London Lads in action go to for the video.

They recently headlined at the Royal Albert Hall and received a five star review for their show at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival this August.

Band leader Ian Clarkson learned about Scientology 18 years ago and introduced  the other members to the religion.

“I read Dianetics: the Modern Science of Mental Health by L. Ron Hubbard and enrolled on some courses at the Church of Scientology of London. I found the answers in Scientology—answers that really made sense to me. I had looked into many religions and philosophies, searching for one that was both spiritual and practical, and I found this in Scientology.”

Their recently recorded a music video called “Bring Me Sunshine” is an example of their fun-loving, irrepressible humor and their contagious enthusiasm.

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