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Meet a Scientologist

The Scientology Video Channel provides a comprehensive overview of the basic beliefs and practices of the religion while answering the question "What is Scientology?," as well as information on the many humanitarian programs sponsored by the Church-programs addressing drug abuse, illiteracy, human rights and disaster relief.But an entire section of the site called "Meet a Scientologist" has videos about Scientology members from all walks of life, many of which have been further illustrated … [Read more...]

What is the focus of Scientology?

The primary focus of Scientology is on maximizing the potential of the individual.Scientologists believe that you can change, that you can be better than you are. We believe that you can be a smarter, faster, braver and kinder person. When we take this into the larger sphere, Scientologists believe that the world can be a better place.We believe that we have real practical tools to bring this about. Scientology is populated by people who read what it's founder, L. Ron Hubbard, wrote and … [Read more...]

Children Learn by Mimicry – So What are you Teaching Them?

Tad Reeves is Scientologist, a website systems engineer, and a parent of two adorable children.  He has a great time applying Scientology as a parent, and keeps up a website entitled ScientologyParent with tips and successes that he, his wife, and his friends have had in applying Scientology to the joys and challenges of parenting.Something to consider: “A child learns by mimicry. Most children, unless they’re severely aberrated, are very good mimics. And they look at the adult and t … [Read more...]

So What is Scientology?

So what is Scientology?It's a common question and an important one to answer.If you try to answer it with a Google search you'll get all sorts of answers: some correct, some wrong and some just plain weird. So let me save you from wading through pages and pages of search results.Like all big questions, this really requires a big answer but that would take a lot of reading and you'd get bored, so I'll give you a short answer and then include some links to articles that will explain more and … [Read more...]

Scientology A – Z: “A” is for Auditing and Auditor

Since so many people are interested in Scientology and have questions about its beliefs and practices, I will be  posting the A to Zs of Scientology, beginning with A.“A” is for Auditing and AuditorThe religious counseling of Scientology is called “auditing” and it is performed by an “auditor”. The word “audit” is usually associated with an examination of financial records, but it has an older meaning of “hearing”, or listening. (As a side note, the examination of financial accounts was at … [Read more...]

Celebrities and Scientology

First let me be clear that I am NOT a celebrity.  But a few years back, I worked closely for one, and have first-hand experience dealing with them on an everyday basis.I learned a few things from that experience.-  Celebrities are human beings fundamentally like everyone else.  They have problems that weigh on them.-  Being a major celebrity can be a full-time job all by itself, in addition to actually doing the work that keeps one being a celebrity.-  Paparazzi are tenacious and a … [Read more...]

Cheryl Duncan on Dianetics Day

It’s May 9, an average, everyday Monday to most, but to Scientologists around the world the anniversary of a watershed day in understanding human behavior. That’s because on May 9, 1950, author and humanitarian L. Ron Hubbard wrote the book Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health. It’s especially interesting for me because I’m mid-reading the nearly 500 page tome myself now, close to the end of it. I really understand why the commercials called it “The Owners Manual for the Human Mind!”W … [Read more...]