What is the focus of Scientology?

The primary focus of Scientology is on maximizing the potential of the

Scientologists believe that you can change, that you can be better
than you are. We believe that you can be a smarter, faster, braver and
kinder person. When we take this into the larger sphere,
Scientologists believe that the world can be a better place.

We believe that we have real practical tools to bring this about.
Scientology is populated by people who read what it’s founder, L. Ron
Hubbard, wrote and decided it was worth trying out. They found that it
worked for them and improved their lives. They want to bring this
change to others.

When a person gets involved in Scientology he undertakes various
exercises to improve certain core abilities. Just a few of these are:

Exercises in confront. If you are going to change something you first
must be able to confront it. Asking a girl for a date, putting in for
a promotion, learning to skydive — all of these require confront.
Scientology has practical exercises that improve this ability.

Exercises in communications. Communication is the bedrock of human
relations. Scientology improves a person’s ability to get his point

across and more importantly, his ability to listen and let the other
person know that he has been heard and understood.

Exercises in efficiency. Have you noticed that some people spend an
entire day in frantic motion, but produce nothing of value?
Scientology teaches you how to improve your efficiency and get more
done in less time.

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