A Buddhist monk uses Dianetics technology to bring solace and joy to those who seek help. His profile is one of 200 videos available on the Scientology website at Scientology.org.

In a video on www.Scientology.org, Phra Dang, a Buddhist monk in a Thailand monastery, tells why he uses Dianetics to relieve suffering and restore peace of mind.

“Things that give us a heavy heart or negative emotions or poor concentration—these things reduce and disappear,” says Dang. “Our ability to work improves. So it has an effect on our lives and our environment.”

He employs this technology because of its results.

“The effects I see in myself and my disciples when they have severely suffered—some not even wanting to live—is a returned happiness in their heart and in their health,” he says.

Using techniques from the book Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health by L. Ron Hubbard, which has been translated into the Thai language, the monk helps people eradicate the source of their unhappiness and misery, as illustrated in a video introduction to Dianetics on www.Scientology.org.

“I have experienced great happiness in seeing suffering replaced with happiness and peace,” says Dang. “Peace in their hearts—that is a true peace. This gives us a life we want to live. So the effects of that happiness and the effects of that peace continues to grow.”

View the Phra Dang video at Scientology.org.

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