Does Scientology cure physical illness?

No. If you come in to a Church of Scientology with a physical illness you will first need to visit a health care practitioner of your choice and get treatment underway. But once this is started there are thingsthat Scientology can do to help you.

In conventional thought, illnesses are viewed as being purely physical or purely mental (psychosomatic). Physical illnesses are treated by purely physical means. Psychosomatic illnesses are “all in your head” and patients are sometimes treated as if they were faking or weak-willed.

In Scientology the view of illness is very different. No illness is
purely physical or purely mental. There is a physical part (the body)
and a spiritual part (you). The physical part and the spiritual part
operate as a unit. Each influences the other from one moment to the
next. In treating illness you can’t really separate the two parts.

Take the person who loses a spouse or retires from a job and then
passes away a short time later. The death certificate never says
“broken heart” but we have all seen it.

Sometimes you can spot direct physical causes for the decline. A
person suffering from a loss can stop taking care of himself, stop
taking needed medication or even stop eating. But oftentimes you just
see the life drain out of them.

A person with a good mental outlook has a much better chance in
dealing with physical illness, and this is where Scientology can help.
Scientology processes can isolate emotional issues and help the person
resolve them. By improving his ability to cope with loss and
rehabilitating his own view of his future we can greatly improve his
chances for recovery.

There is an “X” factor in physical illness that conventional medicine
is just beginning to investigate. That “X” factor is you. Scientology
works on the assumption that you are a spiritual being who inhabits
your physical body and that you have everything to do with how well it

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