Forwarding Two Family Traditions: Karate & Scientology

Paul Ceberano, an accomplished black belt in Goju Karate, develops confidence, discipline and self-reliance in his students. He speaks of his love for his pupils and his art in a video in the Meet a Scientologist” section of the Scientology website.

Paul Ceberano, Shihan (Master) of the Ceberano Martial Arts Academy in Melbourne, Australia, is the eldest son of Karate legend Tino Ceberano, founder of the International Goju Karate School.

Beginning his study of the martial art under his father at the age of five, Paul Ceberano has been teaching Karate for more than 30 years.  His own eldest son is now also a teacher at the Academy.

Open and extroverted, Ceberano, 46, enjoys meeting and working with people.  Teaching Karate is his passion in life.>>

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