Overcoming Grief through Scientology

Betsy Phillips overcame the grief of her mother’s death through Dianetics and Scientology. Her profile is one of 150 “Meet a Scientologist” videos available on the Scientology website at www.Scientology.org.

The happiest moment in Phillips’ life was followed by the most tragic.

It was high school graduation day. Phillips emerged from the ceremony exhilarated and proud, diploma in hand.

But just hours later, a truck slammed into her mother’s car and then the ambulance racing her to the hospital crashed, killing her mother and Betsy’s happiness.

Trying to deaden the grief and pain, Phillips began taking drugs.  But that only deepened the depression from which she was sure there was no way out.  Nor did her suffering ease with the passage of time.

It would take a miracle to revive her—and that miracle happened eight years later with Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health.

“I borrowed the book from a friend, started to read it and didn’t put it down until I was done,” says Phillips. “That’s how much impact it had on me.”>>

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