Scientology A to Z — C is for Communication

How many examples of bad communication have you seen in the last week?

– A teacher giving directions to a student but speaking too softly for the student to hear so they do the action wrong, or

– A father yelling at a child and the child then ignoring what is being said, or

– A wife talking to her husband who is watching television and not paying attention, or

– A girl hanging up on her boyfriend because of what he said, or

– A waiter not paying attention to his customers (and then getting no tip), or

– A teenager not able to tell his parents about the car accident he got in to, or

– … you get the idea.

Bad or no communication can have even more disastrous effects on an international scale. The president of Country A doesn’t want to talk to the premier of Country B. Country B rattles their sabers and says Country A must listen. Both countries tell their citizens that the people in the other country are bad and deceitful so they stop talking to each other. War ensues and lots of people die – simply because the government leaders of the two countries couldn’t communicate.

Communication can open the doors to happy interpersonal relations, family harmony, and personal success. You can probably think of examples in your own life of somebody who communicates well – chances are they are happier than those you know who have a hard time talking.

Communication is so important in life that Scientology devotes a great deal of attention to helping people learn the techniques of communicating. This is not how to give a speech (although that may be something that a person wants to get better at), but rather how to deal with people in their environment and improve situations.

One such course is the Success Through Communication Course. It breaks down the individual components of communication and helps the student learn and practice the necessary skills. This includes such things as:

– how to comfortably confront another

– how to get your communication across to the other person

– how to let the other person know you’ve heard what they said

Another important reference is the book Dianetics 55!. This book explains anatomy and component parts of a cycle of communication and which, in use, is no less than a universal solvent to problems.

L. Ron Hubbard, the founder of Scientology, said: “When in doubt, talk. When in doubt, communicate.”

Indeed, through communication alone the world can be improved.

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