What do Scientologists say about Scientology?

I’ll give you my 2 cents worth and then I’ll pass you on to a whole bunch of other people in a short video.

The first thing about Scientology that really made an impact on me was when I completed the Communication Course and realized that my shyness had disappeared.

To have been extremely shy all my life and then to have it evaporate in just two weeks was rather stunning. As you can imagine, it made a huge difference to me.

Just being able to get on a bus, pay my fare and find a seat without my stomach twisting and wrenching was amazing.

In the more than 30 years since I took that first course the more I’ve done in Scientology the greater the gains have been:

  • Problems that would once have seemed overwhelming just melt away,
  • I don’t get into antagonisms and upsets with other people, change is something I can easily deal with,
  • I’m not stuck on being right about everything, past losses don’t hang heavy on me, the death of a loved one, whilst still sad, is not an incapacitating sorrow
  • My ability to help others, and my desire to help them, have both bloomed.

There have been many more great gains from Scientology but now it’s time to give someone else the chance to tell you the story:

Grahame is a Scientologist living in sunny Florida with his wife.  He has a strong interest in religion and the commonalities between all religions.  He has been a Scientologists for over 30 years and especially likes to make Scientology accessible and understandable to others.

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