Who are Scientologists?

So just who are Scientologists? What do they do in life? What sort of careers? What sort of families? What sort of attitudes?

There are over 200 short videos (a minute or less each) in a series called “Meet A Scientologist”, each about a particular individual, their life, their attitudes, their aspirations, etc. They give you a quick look into the life of one person at a time and are a great way to find out just who are Scientologists.

The videos are available in three ways: If you have a good broadband connection then try this link: Scientology Video Channel – Meet a Scientologist. Move your mouse over the world map and pick a video as they pop up or click on a continent to see all the videos for that part of the world, or you can select an occupation from the list at the bottom of the screen. It’s a real nice app with lots to explore. If you have a slower broadband connection or you like your pages loaded fast then go to the Scientology home page and click “Meet A Scientologist” in the menu on the left.

The videos will play in order. If you want to check out a particular area like “Sports” or “Family” then you can click on the sub-menu. And you can drill down even more if you like, it’s a very flexible menu.

Finally you can go to the Scientology YouTube Channel and check out the Meet A Scientologist videos there. To give you a taste of the videos here is one I chose at random:

Grahame is a Scientologist living in sunny Florida with his wife.  He has a strong interest in religion and the commonalities between all religions.  He has been a Scientologists for over 30 years and especially likes to make Scientology accessible and understandable to others.

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