From the Ruins: African Human Rights Leadership

Scientologist Tim Bowles created a human rights program in Africa that is described in a video called “From the Ruins.”

From the Ruins-Human Rights Program in AfricaBowles’ work with the program is also the subject of a “Meet a Scientologist” article on the Scientology Media Website:

A trip to Africa in 2005 changed Tim Bowles’ life.

“When I arrived in Ghana, it was like coming home,” he says. “I knew I had to do something to help.”

Bowles, an attorney specializing in constitutional law, was in Africa to assist with the Youth for Human Rights International World Tour. Decades of gruesome civil wars have decimated wide regions of sub-Sahara Africa. Of the worst 20 countries in the 2004 Human Development Index, 19 are in Africa.

The wars dismantled the infrastructure, displaced entire villages, and destroyed livelihoods. The result: Widespread poverty and disease.

Bowles was so taken with the youth he met in Africa, and so moved by what they had been through, that he decided to take on the challenge personally.>>

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