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How Does Scientology View the Individual?

Scientology holds that there are three parts to Man:First there is the body itself. The body is the organized physical composition or substance of Man, whether living or dead. It is not the being himself.Next, there is the mind, which consists essentially of pictures.Finally, and most importantly, there is the thetan. The thetan is not a thing. It is the creator of things.Of the three parts of Man, the thetan is, obviously, most important. Without the thetan, there would be no mind … [Read more...]


At the first level of the Scientology ecclesiastical hierarchy are the individual ministers of Scientology who do not serve on the staff of a Church or mission. These field ministers organize groups to provide introductory religious services to their families, friends and members of their communities. They provide religious services and minister to the spiritual needs of individuals. They are also involved in the myriad activities one traditionally associates with a community ministry such as … [Read more...]

From the Ruins: African Human Rights Leadership

Scientologist Tim Bowles created a human rights program in Africa that is described in a video called "From the Ruins."Bowles' work with the program is also the subject of a "Meet a Scientologist" article on the Scientology Media Website:A trip to Africa in 2005 changed Tim Bowles’ life.“When I arrived in Ghana, it was like coming home,” he says. “I knew I had to do something to help.”Bowles, an attorney specializing in constitutional law, was in Africa to assist with the Youth for Human … [Read more...]

Scientology Volunteer Ministers Haiti Disaster Response

Just ran across this video of the Scientology Volunteer Ministers work in Haiti.It covers a story that is almost two years old, but I was so impressed with the video I wanted to share it. … [Read more...]

Churches of Scientology Disaster Response says: Be Ready

In light of alerts this week for 9/11 and coupled with hurricane season and this year's freak tornadoes, the Churches of Scientology Disaster Response participated with Alabama Governor Robert  Bentley's “Be Ready Day.”Disasters can happen anywhere at any time. That is why the Governor of Alabama Robert Bentley is hosting “Be Ready Day” at Troy University, where disaster preparedness organizations are gathering to display their wares and teach citizens how to prepare for the worst.Among the … [Read more...]

9/11 Tribute Painting

Renowned watercolorist and Scientologist Pomm Hepner was featured on NCB in Los Angeles on September 11.   She was interviewed about her painting called The Story of Unspoken Courage.Her website,, tells of the significance of the painting:“In 2001, Pomm traveled to New York City a week after the September 11 tragedy to assist with the relief efforts and painted a huge, three-panel mural of the American flag. Pomm was inspired by this experience in New York. After se … [Read more...]

Dianetics—Self Help for Self Improvement

With over 21 million copies sold, Dianetics is the best selling self-help book of all time and is now available in 50 languages.The book describes a simple therapy anyone can learn and use to improve himself and help others.In the book Dianetics 55! L. Ron Hubbard wrote: “Dianetics is an effort toward the attainment by Man of a level of freedom where decency and happiness can prevail and where knowledge of the mind itself would prevent the unscrupulous use of the mechanisms of slavery.”“A m … [Read more...]

Dianetics Video Poses and Answers Questions about Happiness and Ability

Dianetics contains reveals how negative experiences are stored and contains a technology to free yourself from them.  What would life be like if all of the pain you experienced no longer affected your abilities, emotions, and behavior?You would think and behave rationally making the best possible decisions relating to your survival.You would be able to utilize your imagination and creativity to the fullest.You would be confident, more intelligent and productive, happier.You would be -- … [Read more...]