Affinity, Reality and Communication

More from Nick Broadhurst:

To gain understanding of someone, there are simply three components, no more. These components are called Affinity, Reality and Communication. They can be visualized as the three corners on a triangle.

Affinity is liking or even loving something. Reality is what you and another can agree on. Communication is what you use to get ideas across.

When you raise one corner of the triangle, the other two corners also come up, raising understanding.

Here is an example:

Say your husband comes home and does not really pay much attention to how hard you work in the home. He does not understand you.  So which corner can you raise? Try communicating with a higher raised reality. Tell him that he works hard at work and he really does a good job. He will look at you, then look for what you have done right and acknowledge you with a statement that you have done a great job on the drapes. Maybe even come over and give you a hug. This works.

I have seen people get the jobs they wanted, even used it to get a marriage proposal. It works. We call it the ARC Triangle.  It is a law of life.  For those who wish, they can simply obtain the book, The Problems Of Work by L. Ron Hubbard, and read it. And for those who don’t like to read, there is now also a full length movie made on the precepts of the book. This is also enlightening, and now a central part of the course.

The course is several hours long, involves being tested before and after. The data you learn includes how to get better understanding of others, how to handle exhaustion at work, how to isolate and know better what motivates your own thoughts and actions, and many more.

I highly recommend a person do this course wherever they are.

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